How to Build Your Street Team


How to Build Your Steet Team 2

First, what is a street team?

In simple terms, a street team is a group of people who will promote your work. This group of people consists of your friends, fans, followers, supporters. Who enjoys your work and would love to promote you, your work and other related events to others.

So, how do you find them, your promoters, especially when you’re new to the author’s life? Have yet to publish your writing?

Easy. Ask.

I’ve seen many blogs where a simple ask was all that was necessary. First, create a Facebook group page. Then copy the link and include the following sentence or something similar.

If you’re interested in becoming part of my street team follow the link to join up.

You can also create a sign-up form to embed on your blog. Or you can share the page link on other social media.

Another way to build your street team is through engagement. Engagement on social media is more than posting ‘buy my book,’ ‘buy my book,’ ‘buy my book.’

In fact, this type of communication will be ignored or have you blocked. What you should strive for is connecting with others and allowing them to connect with you. Share tidbits about yourself and what you’re working on. Updates whether they’re successful ones or failures. Personal and or writing milestones. Like/heart, share and retweet what you find interesting and or humorous. Ask questions, start polls and answer other posted questions.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have daily and or monthly writing prompt games. Play and follow the prompts, like/heart and retweet other posts, to engage with other writers.

And before you know it you’ve built connections with people who’d one day become part of your street team.

How can you tell who most likely want to become part of your street team?

Review your social media. Who likes, hearts, shares, retweets and comments on your posts the most? Create an Excel list of who they are and their social media links. Or create a list on Twitter and make it private. And when you have a release ready go to your list. And ask those individuals if they’d like to be part of a free word of mouth promotion campaign of your work. Especially ask those who read and or write in your genre. Direct them to your street team group page. Give thanks and appreciation for their time. As well as whatever materials you want promoted.

Do you have a street team? How did you create your street team group?

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  1. Great post! I’m just now trying to build a reader group of sorts, but like with all things it’s slow going. Engagement is key, real engagement, because like you said, I’ve blocked, unfriended, etc those that are only book promos and nothing else. Oh and the auto DMers are also an auto block. LOL Have a great week.

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    • Thanks Meka. The idea for the post came to me when looking through my Twitter notifications after participating in the daily writing games. Noticed some Tweeters were repeatedly liking and RTing my posts.


    • That’s definitely a good place to start since you already have history with them. Most will probably sign up to be apart of your street team as soon as you say hello.


    • Thank you.

      With Twitter, you can review your notifications to find out who you’re top fans are. They’re the ones who’ve become familiar to you since they’ve repeatedly liked/heart and or RT tweets on your Twitter feed. And Twitter makes it easy to create lists so you can follow them. Just go to notifications, click on Twitter bubble to their profile. Click the follow button (if you’re not already following). Then click on the three vertical circles next to the follow button & scroll down to ‘add/remove from lists.’ Last, click on the ‘create list button’ and create a name for it. There’s an option to make the list public or private. But I suggest make it private first before you launch membership to joining your street team.

      I’ve seen authors who have separate author and street team FB pages. And the street team pages offers certain incentives. For example rewarding the most supportive member with advance copies of the book. Rewarding them with book swags/goodies/merch. Give away prizes to games. For example, Kristen Ashely awarded several of her fans her new book release after asking them which male character were their favorite. A street team page can also give fans the chance to name characters. Or being featured in the book as a side/supporting character.

      Some pages are both an FB author page & a FB street team page. But a street team page is usually a private group page while the former is public. It’s kind of like subscribing to an author’s newsletter, where any new info about an upcoming release, book signing, etc coming up, is first known by your street team. You can even promote other author’s books too.


    • Thanks Karen. And you’re right. Having a street team is invaluable. Though simple, through word of mouth of a street team, you can find roaring success in getting your work out to a lot of people.


  2. I used to use a street team, but I changed it to a VIP reader group. Everyone in it gets free advanced reader copies of my books. I love my group. I usually don’t even have to ask them to share my work. They just do it.

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