Tri-Annual Writing Progress Report #2


I’m back from my blogging break. My summer writing plan for 2018 didn’t go as planned. But ‘the best laid plans often go awry.’ So here’s what I’ve accomplished during the summer over my blogging break. And my plans for the rest of the year.”:


  • None

Fall/Winter Writing plan:

  • Revise and edit poems written during 2017-2018 NaPoWriMo
  • Submit more poems from poetry manuscript to Feminine Collective
  • Start organizing and assembling poetry manuscript in order of tone, theme, subject, etc.


Fall/Winter Writing plan:

  • Upload Foreseen bonus story “Taming the Beast” on Wattpad
  • Write and upload “Hellsgate” on Wattpad
  • Create new title for “Hellsgate”
  • Create multimedia design want ad for “Hellsgate” check-mark-1292787_1280
  • Create another multimedia design want ad for “The Soul Traveler” book cover


  • Foreseen 1-4
      • Start editing and polishing book 1 of Foreseen “Love Lines
        • Then query on Twitter for #Kisspitch in February 2019 and submit to Carina Press Dirty Bits
      • Complete and upload final chapter of “Foreseen 4: With a Touch” check-mark-1292787_1280
      • Start writing Foreseen bonus story “Taming the Beast” check-mark-1292787_1280
      • 587 reads, 43 votes on Wattpad

Fall/Winter Writing plan:

  • Start prepping and write NaNoWriMo 2018 novella “Hellsgate” check-mark-1292787_1280
  • Write and submit to IWSG 2018 Anthology Contest
  • Complete, edit and beta read/critique “The Soul Traveler”
    • Submit to Writers of the Future contest
    • Query to Twitter pitches in 2019
  • New blog schedule check-mark-1292787_1280
    • First Wednesday of the month IWSG post
    • Third Monday of the month post

NaNoWriMo is six weeks and three days away. In my last tri-annual report I was stumped on what novel I should do for the challenge. But not anymore. I’ll be writing the novella “Hellsgate.”

hellsgate wattpad cover

So Nadia the Fire Witch will have to wait. As well as the Dream Brotha series: Dreaming of You and Not Dreaming of You. And the yet to be plotted Dreaming of Love and novella Dream Fake Lover. Then there’s the holiday romance novella series story idea that came to me in May. Featuring Steflon Don as plus size model Valentina. Danai Gurira as famed hairdresser ‘Indie.’ And Thandie Newton as baker and bakery owner Merry.



I’ll tackle these between other WIPs as writing breaks in February, July and December. But I still haven’t found my male heroes. Any suggestions?

Now to get back to writing. See you in two weeks! 😀


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