May Writing Progress Report


May began with the editing part of the 85K90 which ends by the end of June. By April 30th, I still had ~22K words left to make goal. So my plan for May was to focus on making word count goal and editing the previous drafts I’ve written for the series. It was supposed to go like this, in the following order of “On the Mat,” “Love Lines,” and “Tall, Dark and Hateful.”

So did I make any progress while I entered editing hell? Let’s see…


May 2018


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1  442 2  358 3  581 4  600 5  2
6  352 7  0 8  314 9  370 10  0 11  264 12  0
13  0 14  0 15  93 16  237 17  21 18  0 19  0
20  145 21  164 22  174 23  0 24  236 25  115 26  62
27  0 28  468 29  0 30  272 31  35
May 1st came with my Foreseen work in progress series short ~22,000 words. So the question became how I should split my writing time. Write towards shrinking my word count in the mornings or the evenings? Edit the drafts in the mornings or evenings? Either way there’s one thing I wanted to do. Use word clouds to help edit the three romance shorts/novelettes written so far. Surprisingly enough, On the Mat, only one chapter (chapter two) didn’t have any overused words.
May 2nd was IWSG Day. And another Google error. So signed into Google on Internet Explorer through a virtual desktop. But even there I still had to deal with constant freezing. So gave up writing for the night, went to bed and did some reading. Saturday I lounged on the couch. And watched my work in progress story unfold in my head while I watched music videos on Youtube.
Then my eldest son put on some mess, a new shoot dance craze they picked up at school. So spent the other half of the morning/afternoon watching good music videos. Safe to say I was successful in erasing the stupid song from my mind. Then watched alien invasion and Asian action flicks on Netflix. And read historical romances on my Kindle. So of course the only words I wrote were two words. Sunday, May 6th, was a little better. Even when I slipped into the 80s with Red Sonja, Flash Gordon and Big Trouble in Little China.
They gave out fitbits at work Monday May 7th. And after doing ~390 steps I spent the night lounging on the couch reading. Then went to bed to sleep for 5 hours and 25 minutes, 7 minutes of which I was restless and awake.
Been on a reading binge of Lexi Blake’s Masters and MercenariesIt’s a BDSM romance suspense series so the second week of May was unproductive. It’s been kind of like Pringles, once I started I couldn’t stop. By then, it got harder and harder to write. My word count plummeted compared to the beginning of the challenge. But I’m on the final story, which is only four chapters away from completion. Then there’s the bonus story. So, I’m still plowing through.
Made my mind up to buckle down on the 21st and Google drive rewarded me with for my effort. With the same old Google drive error. Which was funny because all the time I’d been procrastinating I never had the error issue at all.
Finished reading Lexi Blake’s Masters and Mercenaries series on May 24th. Yay!
Well, I’ve only read books one through sixteen and the novellas in between. I stopped after Remy Guidry’s story. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to continue reading the rest of the Close Cover books. The series about the bodyguard department/section of the Mckay-Taggart Security from the novels. The other books are part of a crossover collection and aside from Remy’s story, each were written by a different author other than Lexi Blake. But you never know. My curiosity might get the best of me. And I’d find myself reading them to find out what happens with the rest of the bodyguards.
I’m looking forward to reading the new and coming soon Forgotten series. They cover the six men who lost their memories because of a mad, genius doctor. Their leader, Ezra Fain, a burned and disavowed CIA agent looking for justice/revenge. While they seek to destroy the doctor’s research. Their opponents, anyone from mafia to even their own government.  I’m definitely looking forward to reading this series. As well as Tucker, Robert, Owen and Ezra Fain’s story.
I started taking an online proofreading and copyediting certification class. My supervisor paid for a co-worker and I to take the course. It consists of fourteen lessons. Is this good timing or what?
Spent the week of May 21st fighting a cough. Hell might as well admit the truth. I had a cold and was so damn tired I’d fallen asleep here, there, everywhere. All in all, I still had a good writing week.

On the final day of May I wrote 35 words. Which brought my total word count in May to:

5,305 words.

Which brought my total 85K90 to date word count to:

Somewhere between 68,858 and 68,861 words!

Damn, I didn’t make a dent. ~16, 139 words to go.

So how has the month of May been for you? Seen the new Deadpool movie yet? Completed a story or starting a new one?
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  1. May started off great for me and then ended up being really tough. I finished my manuscript, which was exciting, but then I got feedback from my beta readers, and it really wasn’t good. But I’ll have more to say about that on IWSG day.


    • My thoughts exactly, I still have June. And as glad as I am to get that song out of my head, now I have to get it out of theirs. But I think it won’t be too hard because the other day I heard my 7yro singing the words verbatim and dancing to “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan. 😀


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