Happy National Poetry Month!

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Happy National Poetry Month!

It’s the last the day of poetry month and whew 30 days flew by fast. This year I didn’t do my usual 30 days of poetry blog posts. But I hope you still enjoyed the few poems I’ve shared with you this month.

The poem I wanted to share with you I searched high and low for. It was by a female slam poet who blew me away. I found it last summer and swore I shared it on FB but was unable to find the YouTube video with you. Oh well.

Now here’s the final poem I’m sharing today has made me a huge fan of Crystal Valentine. Enjoy!

Did you enjoy reading and writing poetry this month? Discovered a new favorite poet?

Copy of Copy of Foreseen_ On the Mat teaser quote art



  1. She’s amazing!

    I checked out two small poetry books last week but haven’t had time to read from them. I’ll be sure to read some tonight. Just in time for the last day. lol


    • I felt everything she felt when she read this poem. Wanted to start off April for her but something told me it’d be best to save the best for last.


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