85K90 Catch Up Month Update


Okay, I’m using April to catch up on the final word count to make goal of 85k words. Did I make it?

Well, let’s see…


April 2018


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1  307 2  503 3  188 4  560 5  546 6  107 7  0
8  359 9  349 10  696 11  799 12  229 13  684 14  591 + 472= 1,063
15 329 16  561 17  0 18  906 19  531 20  0 21  848
22  505 23  1,211 24  119 25  0 26  914 27  107 28  212
29  257 30  TBD

I’ve been slowing down the third month of the 85K90 writing challenge. But been trying to regain my daily word count goals made during the start of the challenge. Figured the best way to do that is to split the word count. Somehow write 400-500 words during the day. Then write the remaining 400-500 words after the kids go to bed at night. At first I was only able to do the latter. But promised to try harder in following this plan until the end of the month and until I reached goal.

Woke up at 5:30am on Tuesday April 3rd and couldn’t get back to sleep. So decided to get up and get ready for the day before I woke up sons. Once I was ready, I woke them and while they got ready, I started writing. Managed to write 188 words before I dropped them off at school and headed to work. But didn’t write any new words that night as the next day was IWSG Day. Usually I already have a post already written. Not this time. And I’m trying not to stay up too late and get plenty of sleep as part of being healthy. So the blog post took over priority.

April 4th Wednesday morning the security alarm woke my husband and I up around 3:30am. It detected living room smoke. There was none but looked around the house anyways to see what set it off. But because of that I couldn’t get up and woke up late close to 6:30. So had no time to write anything as I was in a rush to get myself and my sons ready and out the door.

Came up with another romance shorts/novelette series. This time featuring three friends. And all cursed with parents who wanted to give them unique names. These characters are also acquaintances of characters from other series. So when I finally write this new series and published the others, watch out and look forward for the clues.

I spent the weekend reading a lot. Going to BJs. Doing laundry and cooking which I’d burnt. I’d gotten distracted folding laundry and binge watching Marvel’s Runaways. Despite that managed to write half way through the epilogue. Which I completed in the wee hour of Saturday morning, April 14th at 591 words. Which means I finished drafting story three, “Tall, Dark and Hateful.” And I’ve started writing the fourth story “With a Touch.”

And that’s despite the constant, daily Google docs errors during the week of April 9th. It used to be days apart, now it’s happening hours apart. Every night I’d open my Chromebook I can’t get into the document but an hour or so later I can. Sigh, so very tiring.

Started taking part in NaPoWriMo On on April 11th and by the 18th I was four poems behind. Google error had me locked out of my manuscript all night on the 19th. No matter how many times I reloaded/refreshed it. So had to get to it through a virtual desktop again. And the Google error stretched all the way into the next morning until 9am.

April 22nd was another Google error for most of the day. Sigh. 😦 But restarting my computer seemed to do the trick. From then on I’ve been fighting a cold and binge reading romance suspense novels by Lexi Blake. Binge watched season three of DC Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning on Netflix. Have three episodes left to finish BL. And saw Avengers: Infinity War.

Which brings my total word count in April to:

12,890 words

Which brings my total 85K90 to date word count to:

Somewhere between 63,553 and 63,556 words!

Which means I need ~22,000 words to complete With a Touch and the bonus story Taming the Beast to reach word count goal. May begins the editing part of the 85K90 writing challenge. So I’ll be writing towards the finish line and editing.

Wish me luck! 😀

Doing April Camp NaNoWriMo? How did you do? Have you seen Infinity War yet?



  1. Go You!

    But, oh no! So glad you persevered, but WOW at google for so many errors.

    Are you the type of person who needs to see what you last wrote to get started? Maybe you could write in an email draft and c/p it over once google lets you back in?


    • I know. Have no idea what’s been going on with Google. Or is it the Chromebook hardware? I really don’t know. Used one for years and all this trouble started recently, last year. Thinking might have to switch to a Mac book or something but love the Chromebook’s simplicity.


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