National Poetry Month Day 2

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It’s the second day of National Poetry Month. Have you fallen in love with poetry yet?

Well I fell in love with poetry a long time ago. And what’s best about it is that it’s also a love I find again and again. We all have become a fan of someone because something they created had ensnared us.

Today’s poet was one I found by happenstance thanks to Button Poetry. And the poem that ensnared me, making me a fan…here it is.

Are you a fan yet? What are you doing to celebrate National Poetry Month? Who’s your favorite poet? Why?

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  1. Oh, I have missed your videos of recommended spoken word poems! I always love discovering more poetry through you. And I also agree – we don’t write poetry because it’s cute. There’s a whole lot more to it then that!


    • Glad you like them. Unfortunately I can’t recommend anything on a daily basis as I have a lot on my plate. Also I didn’t plan for it as I’ve done in previous years. Still plan to share on social media as much as possible for the rest of the month.

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