85K90 Month Three Update


It’s the final writing month part of 85K90. I’m no good with Math, but I tried to calculate the words written by month.  And find out exactly the total words I’d have to commit to complete the challenge.

First I came up with a total of 39,176 words written from January to February. But my project tracker on 85K90 states my word count is at 42,227. If so, then the word count up to March 23 should be 48,244.

Now let’s see what, if any, progress I made in March.:


March 2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1  462 2  0 3  237
4  452 5  1,000 6  699 7  561 8  238 9  0 10  357
11  578 12  26 13  343 14  0 15  1,095 16  239 17  53
18  495 19  422 20  444 21  813 22  554 23  847 24  119
25  1,456 26 27 28 29 30 31

Foreseen 1: Love Linesis almost complete. But I’ve put it on hold and started writingForeseen 3: Tall, Dark and Hatefulon March 3rd. I connected with a fellow Scribber (Scribophile member) who’s into tarot cards. And she’s agreed to help me write a credible tarot card reading scene for chapters 1-2. So it works out well since I have to fill out her questions about the scene(s) so she could do a reverse reading for me.

The craziest thing happened on Thursday, March 8th. I’d spent two and a half hours on my feet making fried green plantains for the potluck at work the next day. Once done I’d sat down on the couch with my laptop in my lap to write. It was a real slow writing night for me but the words were flowing. Turned out I’d fallen asleep and dreamed I was still writing. So yeah, dreamt the whole words flowing thing up.
By mid-March I’ve only made my daily word count goal once. It felt like I was squeezing out words from thin air. Then instead of helping me with Foreseen 3, my muse bumped outside of my head with ideas for anew bonus story.

So on the 14th, instead of making word count goal for Bea and Lance’s story I was drafting a new one. A Beauty and the Beast inspiration and shifter romance for Keisha and Alejandro. Here’s their character interview.

But March 15th came with a dose of inspiration from Feminine Collective. They published the fourth and final poem I submitted last year. Here’s where you can read my poemIt Happened.”

Had another Google error on March 20th. So had to get to my documents through a virtual desktop. It still boggles my mind how my Google works fine in another place with Internet Explorer. But would mess up when I’m using my Chromebook. March 21st was a snow day.




But had another day of the same Google error as the day before. And spent most of the day reading Kindle books. Took a day off the next day and wrote only 554 words. Half of those words I typed on my Chromebook and the other half texted on my Google Drive app on my phone before bed. Had a major case of writing inside my head instead of getting it out my head and typed to the page.

Had another Google error moment yesterday morning but it cleared up by the afternoon. So while doing laundry, making breakfast, lunch and trying to get the words out of my head, I was able to write 1,456 words!

Which brings my total word count for March to:

11,487 words

Which brings my total 85K90 to date word count to:

Somewhere between 50,663 and 50,666 words!


Which means I’ll be using April to catch up on the last 35K words. I’m going to use the last week of March to finish this short. And April will be for the final story in the series and the bonus story. As well as edit and write new poems for my second poetry chapbook. As National Poetry Month begins next week Sunday. Afterwards, I enter the editing part of the 85K90 writing challenge starting May to June. Which also coincides with my blogging break because I’m going to need it more so than in previous years.

Had any interesting writing related dreams? Are you still on track with your 2018 resolutions?

A word, after a word, after a word is power.- Margaret Atwood



    • I know. :-/ My fingers were flying and I thought it was going to be a good writing night. Still can’t believe it was a dream. At least when I woke up my document wasn’t full of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.


  1. Woo-hoo!!! You are so close! Good luck on getting the rest of your words next month. Bummer that Google Docs is still giving you hassle. That sucks big time! But yay for finding a way to work around it!


    • Thanks Meka. Google is starting to make me wish for the old days when all that hassling didn’t happen at all. It also almost makes me want to switch to a Mac book. But I love the Chromebook because of it’s simplicity.


    • Lol, trying to figure that one out myself. Might have to cancel my poetry blog post a day for April I do every year. But I reeeaaalllyyy don’t wanna.
      Guess I’ll have to pull it off somehow.


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