Foreseen Bonus Character Interview

She asked for it and against my better judgement Keisha Anders is getting her own story. And who’s the man of the hour, the hero, her amour? Alejandro Vaga.

Welcome to the blog you two!





So Keisha how you’re doing? And please don’t tell me you’re upset about being paired up with your leading man.

Uh. Why would you say that?

(cock my eyebrow)

Alright, alright. I was upset at first. But come on, the man’s a horrible, flirting manwhore.

Excuse me my bonita Keisha but as a ‘strapping’ man I have the right to flirt. And I think manwhore is a little harsh. Prefer connoisseur of women.

See how big headed he is?

‘Cuz I am. But you already know that.


Alright, alright. Enough innuendo please. Alejandro how are you doing?

Indo bem. Doing well. Especially now that I have a new roommate.

You mean slave. Since all I’ve done was bust my ass helping you. But does he thank me? NNnnnooo.


Wait a minute. You two are roomies? How, what, when, why?

It’s all his fault. He wasn’t producing any new work for his show which were a few weeks away. Had to stick to him like white on rice to make sure he did.

You gotta admit meu amor I had other things on my mind. Like a curse.

Oh please. You used that curse to chase as much tail as possible. Surprised it (looks pointedly at his crotch) hasn’t fallen off from overuse.


Whoa, whoa. Reel it back. Let’s not get sidetracked.

Meu amor that is not possible. And the only tail I’ll be chasing from now on is yours until my dying breath.

Yeah right. (Keisha rolls her eyes) Wonder how many times you’ve used that line.

(Alejandro cups her face and leans closer to place a kiss on her lips. Keisha turns her head so he gets her cheek. Then Alejandro places kisses on her jaw, her eyes, her nose.)


I give up.

Eu te amo. I love you. And I’ll say it again and again until you believe. And again and again long after you do. Eu te amo. Eu te amo. Eu te amo.

(Alejandro pulls Keisha further into his embrace, claims her lips and they’re making out as if no one else in the room)


Why do I even bother. (sigh) Anyways, here’s there theme song.


Thanks for sticking around for all the character interviews. Which couple interview were your favorite? Layla and Joseph, Bea and Lance, Jenna and Jason, David and Felicite` or Keisha and Alejandro? Go to the poll below and vote for your favorite.


2-_There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you._ - Maya Angelou_


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