85K90 Month Two Update

It’s the final days of February. And like NaNoWriMo I’ve hit a snag mid this writing challenge. But managed to push on through. I’ll post the full results for February on IWSG Day next week Wednesday. So for now, here’s my progress and word count goal from January 1 to January 28, 2018.:


Sunday Monday Tuesday


Thursday Friday Saturday
1 996 2 951 3 963
4 1,275 5 690 6 1,008 7 103 8 557 9 10
11 12 1,389 13 283 14 1,138 15 1,135 16 119 17 810
18 0 19 0 20 1,085 21 1,165 22 752 23 414 24 1,144
25 1,050 26 27 28

February 1 Google docs wanted to mess with me again. But still managed to write 996 words. Just had to get into my Gdocs through another system (virtual desktop). Also got into Constantine on the CWseed app that weekend. Yet managed to write a total of 3,189 words to completeForeseen 3: On the Mat.”

Started writing “Foreseen 1: Love Lines” Monday, February 5th. As always during a writing challenge, mid-week is where the struggle becomes real. With five weeks left in the challenge I’ll be using April to catch up.

For the weekend of February 9th to 11th, I actually didn’t type any words. That doesn’t mean I didn’t write anything. I went back to basics. Writing with pen and paper. Then had another Google doc error on the 15th. The entire document even greyed out. Scary. It fixed itself later that night. Plus I didn’t get home until after 11pm on the 16th because I went to see Black Panther! Not even Google docs going all error on me and only writing 119 words could get me down because…

I was also dealing with a procrastination fever during the Black Panther movie weekend. But at least it inspired a blog post.

Compared to January I had only two days where I wrote zero words. And eight days where I wrote below the word count goal of 944 words. I’m on my final chapter but here’s my total word count so far for Foreseen 1 “Love Lines”:

12, 842 words.

And my total 85K90 writing challenge word count.:

36, 233 words

So I have one more writing month left to write ~50k words. So the plan is to write 25k to 30k for March and April. Or write 1,111 words in 45 days and have the rest of April to let it marinate. Then begin the editing stage of the challenge in May and June.

Wish me luck!

Have you seen Black Panther yet? Have any reading, writing and or publishing shout outs to make? Are you still on plan with your resolutions?

A word, after a word, after a word is power.- Margaret Atwood



  1. I’m glad you pushed through. I like to write with pen and paper. Every story I write gets a little pen and paper time. I enjoy typing up what I wrote because then I get to sort of revise it and add more.

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    • Thanks Chrys. Odd enough when I type my fingers can’t keep up with the thoughts in my head. But with pen and paper I catch and write everything. And it’s so true that while typing afterwords more of the story gets written and polished.


  2. Again, good luck! You can totally do this!

    I like to write with pen and paper too on occasion, then type it up into a document file. Maybe that’s what I need to do for my current writing projects. After the 10k-word week I participated in a couple weeks back, I haven’t done much else in writing.

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    • Thanks Karen.
      After watching Black Panther my sons have a new handshake now. When Princess Shuri and King T’Challa aka Black Panther greet each other. They do it with their friends at school. And now they can’t go to bed without doing it with their dad and me first. 😀


  3. Saw Black Panther and loved it!!!
    Sorry GDocs is still giving you such trouble. I’ve been writing in Word mostly these days, but still use GDocs since that’s what’s on my chromebook. I hope it stops giving you trouble! You’ve made great progress regardless so yay for that!
    No publishing yet for me, but I’m still in #editinghell with my erotic romance novella turned novel. The word count keeps creeping up. I’m on track, sorta with my goal of writing 2 this year. Once the first is off in query land (another first for me) I’ll put all my focus on my second erotic romance novella. Going back to Malcolm and Calida from Not Broken.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Meka. I wish GDocs would you know doc up and stop this error madness for good already.
      Good luck with #editinghell, which I’ll be joining you in soon, and happy writing. We can do this!


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