7 Ways To Procrastinate

7 Ways To Procrastinate

Usually I know what my following blog post will be about. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything. And binge watching shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime didn’t help. That’s when it hit me that today’s post should be about procrastinating.

So, what’s the best way to delay and put things off? Here are 7 good ways to procrastinate.:

  1. Google [fill in blank]

Google search is convenient. If you need to know something, your answer can be found at your fingertips. Too bad sometimes one search can lead to another and another another.


  1. Stalk Facebook

Remembering an ex and wondering how they’re doing? Looking for funny anecdotes? Facebook has it all. My favorite FB pages are Scary Mommy, Wisecrack and Throwback Lounge. But I really should stop visiting the last page because it makes me feel old. 


  1. Play Solitaire

Don’t know whether the person who thought of adding solitaire and other games on a computer is genius or insane. But as I’ve discovered and downloaded a mahjong game it still remains undecided.



  1. Follow, Tweet and Retweet fun hashtags

What can I say? Trending hashtag games are too much fun to pass up. Like last month’s #BlackHogwarts. 


  1. Binge watch Crunchyroll

There’s nothing like video streaming your favorite anime (if you’re an anime fan).



  1. Binge watch Netflix

Being able to watch your favorite shows, old and new, and all its seasons in one sitting too?

  1. Make a to-do list…

And not do it.


How do you usually procrastinate? Did it make the list? Have any procrastinating suggestions to make?





  1. I don’t need more ways to procrastinate. I need ways to keep my butt from doing it. lol Although…I haven’t gotten into Netflicks or know what Crunchyroll is…I do watch OnDemand a lot. To-Do lists help me. I get things done I need to do BUT my to-do lists stop me from writing. So there’s that. Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes, yes it is. If it only FB made it easy not to be on it. OMG, 33 years ago today, Coca-Cola presented “Cherry Coke.” Damn you Throwback Lounge for making me feel my age!


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