Foreseen 2 Character Interview

Foreseen 2 Tall, Dark & Hateful crystal ball credit_ tina1138 https_tina1138.deviantart.comartcrystal-ball-105547570


Happy Monday!

Today’s interview is with the couple from Foreseen 2, “Tall, Dark and Hateful,” Lance and Bea.

Welcome you two. (deadbolts the door)

What was that?


Always so suspicious.

Well I have to be. There’s no telling what people will do just for money.

Are you calling me a sellout?

No. You did.

Lance. Bea. Please. Go back to your corners so we can conduct this interview. Now what do you guys do for a living?

Well, I’m a fortune teller. I practice divination and my tool of preference is the crystal ball. I also volunteer with the city’s anti-gentrification group. That guy over there make people homeless for a living.

There you go twisting things around. I work for a land development company.

Oh that’s just a nice way to say asshole. I can’t stand amoral people like you. I wouldn’t want to be around you with a ten foot pole.

That’s funny. You had no problem being wrapped around my c*&k and screaming my name.

Whoa. TMI.

That was a moment of temporary insanity!

A moment? Temporary? Woman it happened three times.

Well the fact that you’re counting means you can’t stop thinking about it.

Damn right. I can’t. It’s driving me insane. I wake up and go to bed thinking about having you again. I must be insane to feel this way. You’re the most infuriating, stubborn and opinionated woman I’ve ever met.

You think I’m happy about that. You’re the enemy. I’m supposed to hate you. Not want you!


Uh…okay. Where did you go to school?

So you want me?


Nothing to do but be insane together. Come here.

Full on making out action going on. Lance just flung Bea’s jean jacket in my face.

That’s it I’m getting out of here. These two might be worse than Maxine and Kyle from Living Single. Anyways, here’s their theme song. Enjoy!

It’s February, the second month of the new year, are you still on track with your resolutions? Started any new writing projects or reading a new book? Have a book promotion or shot out?


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