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Foreseen 3 Character Interview



As you know, I’m starting 2018 by taking part in a writing challenge, the 85K90. The goal of this challenge is to write 85,000 words in 90 days.

Knowing that I do best by starting in the middle, I decided to write the third story from my Foreseen series. Why? Because I’ve often get stuck and waffle around in the middle of the story. Found it helps for me to progress with the story if I start from there instead of the beginning. Another reason is that I used to do yoga. And as they say ‘write what you know.’

So, without further ado let me introduce you to Jenna and Jason, my couple from Foreseen 3 “On the Mat.”
Welcome Jenna and Jason.

Namaste (Jenna, hands pressed together, slightly bows)


How have you been?

Nervous and anxious beyond belief.

Happy as fuck.

Oh. Can you tell me why?

Well you already know why. (Jenna blushes and looks everywhere)

And I’m glad for it. (Jason chuckles) Who knew my little butterfly had such thoughts.

What thoughts? Readers would like to know too?

No they don’t. I’m sure they have better things to do.

I don’t know why you want to hide it. Thanks to ‘that’ I learned a lot of new things. Things I get to do with you.

Really? Now you really have to tell us. Stop being shy. ;-D

I’m not being shy! Just proper.

You mean prim. Which you’re far from it but I love that about you. A lady in the street, a-

Wow, look at the time. I have a yoga class to go to. Bye!

You know she always does that. Runs off when she’s nervous or whenever things become too much.

Understandable. She’s an empath you know.

A what?

You’ll find out. Go after her. I’ll see you later as I write to complete your story.

You don’t have to tell me. Do anything to bind that woman to me. (turns to leave but pauses and turn back) Oh yeah, don’t forget to write that intimate scene of us, with Jenna doing a standing T pose and me from behind. (winks and leaves to follow Jenna)
Well Jenna and Jason have left the building. And without even mentioning their story’s theme song. Of course their minds were on other things.


It’s the second week of January, are you still up on your resolutions? Started any new writing projects? Started reading any new books?