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Top 10 Posts of 2017


First, let me say…


2017 comes to an end this weekend. And it has been a doozy year of epic, history making proportions. For example, #MeToo, the fires on the west Coast. The devastation of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands after hurricane Irma and Maria. Black women being responsible for voting in Doug Jones, etc.

Before I begin this year’s countdown of popular blog posts on my blog, let’s first take a moment of silence….

Now which posts has made my top ten in 2017? Let’s start our countdown, from least to most views, with #10:

10) Technology and the Writers of Tomorrow by Katie Kapro

At 97 views this guest blog post brings up an interesting debate about technology. And how it’s hampering children’s education. Especially in storytelling.  As well as reading and comprehension. It even brings into focus today’s education system. How it prefers testing over creative learning/innovation.

9) To Pen Name or Not to Pen Name

I’ve yet to have come to a decision whether to write under a pen name or not. But I do have a name picked out when I do (using my initials LW).  At 102 views, this post brings excellent points to the advantages of having a pseudonym.

PS. You must check out the pseudonym generator mention in the post. It’s a lot of fun. ;-D

8) My 2017 Writing Plan

At 102 views I never expected my writing plan to make the list. Which reminds me, I need to complete my writing plans for the new year. In particular, what to focus on during my annual writing break between May and September.

7) How To Combat Abrupt Writer’s Apathy by Brooke Faulkner

In last year’s top ten only one guest post made the top ten. In 2017, there’s two! At 104 views, writer Brooke Faulkner’s post has some good writing tips to help you get out of your writing funk.

6) 30 Days of Poetry Love & Interview with Maheen Ahmed

This post was a double post during National Poetry Month. It featured a short bio of former Virginia Poet Laureate Pulitzer Rita Dove. And a reading of her poem “Canary” found on YouTube. As well as an interview to promote debut poetess Maheen Ahmed. And promoted the release of her debut poetry book “Tell the Stars.” Happy 107 views!

5) Happy 1st #PitMad of the Year!

I’m still new to Twitter but one of my first joys of tweeting was when I stumbled onto my first #PitMad party.  And ever since I’ve written save the date/reminder posts about upcoming pitch parties. So I’m happy this post has made it into the number five spot at 109 views. FYI, the first #PitMad of 2018 is on March 8th.

4) To Love Triangles or Not to Love Triangles?

Last week this post was #6 but has now moved up to #4 at 109 views. It’s my second ‘To or Not To’ post which was also inspired by my first adult romance WIP Dreaming of You. In this post, I discussed with other writers and readers about the love triangle trope. About whether they liked it or hated it. And why.

3) 5 Reasons Why I Love The Emotions Thesaurus

At 119 views this post is my first writing guide review. I’ve recommended books that I use and think others writers should use as well before in a NaNoWriMo prep post. But I’ve never written an in-depth review why a writer should have a particular book on their shelf. And The Emotions Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi is my bible. I carry it with me everywhere. So it’s not wonder I finally wrote a post about it. If you don’t have this book get it asap. Don’t forget to check out the rest of their Thesaurus collection too.

2)  How to Write an Erasure Poem

At 444 views this post was something I’d written because I couldn’t think of anything to write. But then it hit me, why not write about erasure poems. Though I didn’t include it in the post, there are two types of erasure poems. This post picked words from an article and rearranged them to form a poem. The second type black out words to create a poem. And sometimes form new shapes and designs. Here are some examples:





1) Six Reasons Why You Should Read The Hunger Games- A Banned Book Review

This post once again is my most popular post of the year at 819 views, 2.1 times more than last year. Guess there’s a lot of Hunger Games fans out there huh? Did you wish there was a fourth book? Have you read Suzanne Collins previous series “The Underland Chronicles”? Or her other books?

There it is, my top ten of the year. Hope you enjoy your Christmas and New Year’s. And continue visiting my blog as I bring myself closer to published authorhood in the next year.

What were your favorite posts from 2017? What would you like to see more of on the blog next year?

What did you get/give as present for Christmas? What’s the worst Christmas present you’d ever received?

(Forget what it was but I was envious that my little brother received Oliver’s Twist instead of me. The daycare teachers assumed  my love of books would trickle down to him. You know like Reaganomics.)

What was the best Christmas present you’d ever received?