Upcoming Winter Twitter Pitch Parties Not to Miss

Upcoming Winter Twitter Pitch Parties Not to Miss

#RevPit and #SFFPit is over but there other twitter pitch parties this winter to look forward to. But why should you enter a pitch party when you’ve never gotten a like/heart before? Well there’s several reasons.

As Richard Bach once said, “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” Becoming an author is not based on writing a book. There’s four facets of being an author: writing, marketing, promoting and publishing. And to publish you have to query.

Entering a pitch party helps to circumnavigate that dreaded slush pile. And your pitch puts your novel right in front of interested agents and publishers. Who are eager participants because they want to publish books. But if you’re not participating, how can they find you? Besides, you’ll never know when you might be that success pitch story.

Another reason is that you can use those pitch parties to help search for future queries. Like those publishers and agents, you can search through the Twitter feed under the genre you’re writing. Then use the like/heart pitches to learn more about the agent and publisher. Does their profile and interests align with yours? Have you read or liked the authors they’d publish and represent? Have you heard good things about them, the company they work for?

Finally, it’s a fun and learning experience. As well as a great way to support your fellow writers.

Now, on to the pitch parties to look forward to this winter 2017-2018!

#IWSGPit was such a success that it’s back again. If you missed the first one back in July, then don’t miss the second #IWSGPit on January 18, 2018. This time even more agents and publishers will be participating. Can find out more who’ll be viewing the Twitter feed here.

You want to hear something interesting? A couple of months ago, I wonderd about something. If SFF writers had their own pitch party, then did romance writers have one too? As another alternative to pitching #PitMad, #Pit2Pub, #dvpit, etc. And lo and behold, now we do. It’s called #Kisspitch and the first party of the year is on, duh, Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018. This party begins from 9am and ends at 9pm. You can tweet four pitches per project and pitch more than one novel. This party even has hashtags to let agents and publishers know your story’s heat level. Suggest you keep visiting the site in the coming weeks to learn more about the event.

#PitMad as always is a quarterly pitch party. So the next and first PitMad of 2018 is on March 8th. There have been some changes, such as the event is now headed by Heather Cashman from Brenda Drake. And with Twitter’s new character length, your pitches can be as long as 280 characters. But short, tight and concise is still best. The rules remain the same, you can retweet to show support of your favorite pitch from 8am to 8pm. But the like/heart button still remain for interested agents and publishers.

Have any pitch parties to recommend this winter? Entering any yourself? Started thinking about your writing plan for 2018?

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    • I always take blog breaks between May and September to try to finish projects. And to either start planning a new one or go back to an old one to prep for NaNoWriMo. But January 2018 will be my first 85K90. So will be working on a story idea that came to over the summer. Hopefully, I’ll have a manuscript ready for a pitch party.


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