NaNoWriMo Week 4 Update


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving last week! And speaking of Thanksgiving, how did I do during the holidays last week? Did my word count suffer? Did I remain on goal? 

Let’s see.
On November 20th I took Hemingway’s suggestion “Write drunk, edit sober.” Okay, I only had two glasses of wine before I sat down to write. I gotta say Hemingway was onto something because my word count for the day was 1,529 words.

 On November 21st I didn’t get any writing done during the day. I had the idea to write double than my usual average words. To make up for any word count loss because of the upcoming holidays, but haven’t been able to. Ended the night writing 1,507 words.

November 22nd was a great day. Why? Because Feminine Collective published another poem I submitted to them this past summer. Along with publishing Things to Tell My Daughter, they also published its pair Things to Tell My Son.

Anyways, it’s Thanksgiving eve and had work. Though they set us free early I didn’t get home until evening.  Because of running around getting last minute stuff. Then when I got home I ended up marathoning the first couple of episodes of The Punisher on Netflix. So I only was able to text and squeeze in 146 words on my phone by exactly midnight.

November 23rd was mostly spent on my feet since 10am cleaning, cooking and baking. Stuffed myself full of good food and good cake. Then spent the rest of the night watching Wonder Woman and Girls Trip which was LMFAO hilarious. So of course wrote 0 words.

Here’s a picture of the cake I made for Thanksgiving:

The cake deco are turkeys made with Hershey kisses with chopped nuts as feathers

Golly gee willikers blog followers! You wouldn’t believe what happened on November 24th. I actually wrote in my Gdoc NaNo novel. I kid you not. I did not have to log into my virtual work desktop, copy and paste and email an updated novel. Or work in the Word docx version. At all.

But my luck ran out at the end of the day when I closed the document and opened it again. To encounter the same error that been plaguing me all month long. Still managed to write 1,930 words so guess all’s well that ends well.

I really should know better but I couldn’t get into my Gdoc on November 25th. Then I spent most of the day staring at a blank page when I remembered I write better with music playing. So I signed into my Pandora to listen to my FMC’s, Kim, favorite station. Wrote 1,900 words.

November 26th was another lazy writing day. But can you call it so if most of the writing was done inside your head? And never made it to a page? Still actual words written was 0 words. Yeesh, with four days left, I have to get a move on.

Words written this week – 7,012
Total words written – 22,992
Words left to reach personal NaNo goal- 7,008
How are you holding up now there’s four days left in NaNoWriMo? What do you plan to do after NaNoWriMo’s over?



  1. Great progress this week! Sorry Google is still giving you a hard time. Things have been better for me outside of that major breakdown. Wonder what’s going on with it and sucks there’s not really anyone to call on that.

    Glad you had a good holiday. My youngest’s birthday was the day before Thanksgiving so that’s trying to do a ‘party’ and prepare for all the cooking for the next day. Fun times. Good luck in the final week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Meka. Funny enough I was able to work in my Ddoc today. Plus I have notification to restart to update but after the last update my Gdoc stopped working properly.
      You certainly were busy. Always wondered how people handle celebrating their birthdays when it’s near or share a holiday. Seems easier to celebrate both once but sounds like it was fun. Maybe not so much for you, since you had to do both.
      Good luck in the final week too! 😀


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