NaNoWriMo Week 3 Update


Happy Monday everyone and Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving is this week and I only hope my word count won’t suffer from the festivities we’ll soon partake. So how did I do last week?

Well I’ve given up working in Google docs for good (at least on my Chromebook). Here’s what happened last week as to why and my NaNoWrimo writing update.

I started my morning well on day 13, but I’m not sure of the exact word count. I’d texted ~350+ words on my phone. And by the time I left work I was at least ~550+ words short of my 1,300 word goal for the day.

Math is not my strong suit, at all. But I’d deduced that day if I write 1,300 words a day starting now, I’d make my personal 30k word count goal by November 30th.

Unfortunately, when I got home I couldn’t get into my manuscript again. Turning doc settings from offline to online, unblocked my drive and docs on my adblocker. And nothing’s worked. Checked the Google help forum again. And saw a post dated October 31st about a Drive outage they’re aware of and investigating.

Since this error had not been fixed, I’d decided from now on I’ll type on my phone in the mornings and evenings. While writing as much as possible during my lunch hour.

So word count was 733 words.

On day 14 I behaved foolishly. Why? Because I opened my Chromebook to see if my Google docs was still giving me the silent treatment and yes it was. Then I also decided to reset my Chromebook to fix it(haven’t done it yet but keep fingers crossed). Words written that day was 1,467 words.

Day 15 was a lazy writing day. Zero words written.

On day 16, I wrote 1,019 words at work. Went back to add 16 more words to what I written on Day 14 (damn inner editor) which put me up to 1,035 words. Then I copied and pasted my work for the day to add to the Word docx I’m now working on for my NaNo novel.

Didn’t have to cook when I got home as we ordered dinner. So ended the night working in Word docx. I’m unable to get the word count results of the day. When I try to select the day’s word count in the Word docx, the entire manuscript gets selected. I had to copy and paste them, to add them to the Google doc draft the next day to find my results, which was 1,668 words.

Day 17 was my best writing day yet. I wrote 2,516 words!


Day 18 was confusing. I didn’t write any words per say. Nor did I not write. I jumped ahead to another scene and moved the rough sketch I wrote before NaNoWriMo to the middle of the story. I did some rewriting then went to watch Justice League. I loved it and can’t wait for the JL2 and the other heroes own movies. Which made me question whether they’ll make a Teen Titans movie.

Anyways, I’m unsure if it still counts, but the words written that day was 782.

Day 19 was a blend of words written on the weekend. My inner editor was at work again so went back to the previous day’s words and did a little rewriting again. So today’s word count is the result of both days, which was 3,109 words.

Words written this week – 8,213

Total words written so far- 16,576

Where are you in your NaNo novel? Do you write linear or jump around? Have you made a game plan for writing your NaNo novel during Thanksgiving?

Do you think Teen Titans should get its own movie? Who would you pick to play Robin, Star Fire, Raven, Tara, Beast Boy, etc?





  1. OMG the Google Doc thing!! Like it annoys me since I want to use it and like you I have a Chromebook so that really is the only option on that device. I’ve been copying and pasting to Word every night.That way I can use it on my main laptop if needs be, but I also try and write on my phone when at work.

    We are about at the same point word count wise. I don’t think I’m going to ‘win’ NaNo, but I’m gonna see how far I get. Good luck getting in words this week. My kids are out of school the whole week, so fun times ahead.


    • Sorry you’re going through the same thing too. Now that I think about it, this whole trouble started after I did the update.
      And in case of NaNoWriMo ‘winning’ is subjective. I don’t try to ‘win’ but I win anyways because I’m writing. I’m winning now because I’m not letting this whole Google mess get in my way. And you’re winning too.
      Good luck writing with the kids home and preparing for Thanksgiving. Good luck to us both.


    • Thanks Chrys. And yes, it can be such a pain. But what’s really painful is that never had Google put me through so much trouble before. I feel so betrayed. The reason I love the Chromebook is because it has exactly what I need to work with. And without all the unnecessary bells and whistles that comes with a regular laptop. I’m the kind of person who has trouble operating an Iphone. So the Chromebook is perfect for me. But after what I been through this month, I don’t know…


    • Happy Thanksgiving Kelly! Ouch, you’re writing took a hit. Hope it get better from there. Enjoy spending time with your daughter and writing. 😀


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