Not Dreaming of You NaNo Novel Excerpt

Not Dreaming of You temp. cover

Oh my goodness, NaNoWriMo begins in two days and I’m not ready. Does anyone know if someone invited time travel yet? Or found the one time-turner not destroyed in the Ministry of Magic office?

I think I’m panicking? Am I panicking? Can you tell?


Anyways, in two days I’ll begin noveling the sequel in my Dream Brotha series, Not Dreaming of You, in November. The second book following my WIP Dreaming of You, featuring the BFFs from the first book.

This month you’ve met my hero the overly confident Terrell and my heroine, the hard to pin down Kim. Today, I’m sharing an excerpt of what’s to come.


Prevention and early detection. No any other two things besides that, guaranteed success in beating a disease. In her case, it was one tall drink of fine Jamaican. With a voice like smooth rum and a body that begged Kim to be over and under and him again.

Damn the man, thought Kim as she tried to ignore the feelings of guilt for bringing him to a gay bar. But anything to piss him off to keep his distance from her was what she needed to snuff out whatever disgusting leftover feelings from Vegas that won’t go away like an ultra resistant strain of the flu.

She noticed him at the club the first time a year ago and five months ago. But blew him off because it was Sharon’s night that night. Any other time, Kim would’ve taken him home. Soonafter she’d found out that he was Justin’s best friend.

Kim refused to let her attraction to him get in the way of her plans so created a prevention plan. She  friendzoned him. And it worked for a time. After all they were too much alike anyways. They both liked to party and have a good time. They don’t have time, patience or want a relationship. And they love sex. Plus their best friends had fallen for each other and are now married.

Her and Terrell hooking up, and then breaking up – and oh, they will break up- would have put a bad mojo on all their friendships. Kim been best friends ever since her little tightwad of a girlfriend Sharon transferred to their school. One look and she knew that Sharon was literally her sister from another mother. She hid her zest for life real well under that plated gold good girl, proper act. But underneath that veneer, Sharon was just as wild and free as her, well maybe less so. And Kim made it her mission to push, shove and sometimes coax the girl out of her paper shell.

Now look at her. Failed her early prevention methods because she had too much to drink. In Vegas no less. Her as the maid of honor and Terrell as best man boozing it up. And other things, that still made her sex tingle even with a blurry memory.

Thank god they didn’t complete the cliche and got married.

Kim shuddered.
NaNoWriMo Manifesto
Are you ready for NaNoWriMo? Did you pre-plot your novel or you’re pantsing through November? Still undecided what your nano novel should be, why? Have a favorite character in your nano novel? Least favorite? Have a scene or event you’re really anticipating to write?

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