Character Interview with Kimberly James


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NaNoWriMo 2017 is 24 days away and I have someone stopping over today. Actually she was really adamant about it. Come meet the FMC in my 2017 NaNo novel Kimberly James!

How are you doing Kimberly?

Please. Call me Kim. And I’ve got a bone to pick with you.

Huh. What did I do?

What did you do?! (Kim shakes her head and with an incredulous look points to sidebar on the right) What’s the title of your NaNo novel?

Uh…”Not Dreaming of You.”

And who’s the heroine in it?


And who’s the hero?



Still not getting it.

The point is why do I have to be paired up with him? Us James women are unlucky with men so I don’t mind being in a romance novel. It’s not like I want to settle down or anything so I don’t expect to have an HEA anyways. But of all the men you can hook me up with, why am I with Terrell?

I don’t know maybe because you like him.

Says who?

The fact that you’re blushing.

I’m not blushing. I’m just a little overheated. Did your AC break down or something? Why it so hot in here?

Rrright…so getting back to the interview. Hear congratulations might soon be in order?

You heard right. Soon enough I’ll be opening my own club!:-D

Oh. What’s the name of your club?

That I haven’t decided yet. But I have a list of possible names. It’s going to be a great club though. The drinks won’t be that watered down mess they like to serve you nowadays. No, you’re going to taste the alcohol. There’s going to be a semi circular bar with under-bar LED lighting. There’ll be wall length booths that can fit in three tables. That way there’ll be plenty of room for dancing. And the piece de resistance is a DJ who’ll actually play the whole song.

Wow. You sound very excited.

Terrell: My girl has every right to be. She’s doing big things. Proud of you baby.


What is he doing here? Did you invite him?

Terrell: Come on Kim. Don’t be like that. I’m here to support you. Wherever you go, I’ll follow. Besides you know you got a weakness for sweetness.

Okay listen up. Either he goes or I go.

Alright you two. Terrell…please.

Terrell: Alright, alright. Only because you look prettier smiling like you were before

Whatever. Shoo. Go away.

Terrell chuckling: See you soon. Don’t forget to dream of me.

Hell no.

There she goes blushing again. And I’m not the only one who noticed she didn’t deny being his girl right? Are you sure you don’t like him?


So if Terrell is not your dream man, how would you describe your ideal man then?

Well he has to be 1,000% dedicated to me and me alone. Knows how to have fun and make me laugh. Someone I can joke around and play with. Party with. Someone tall, built and has full sexy lips. Who knows how to kiss and know his way around the bedroom.  Oh, it’ll be nice if he had an accent too. Someone who’ll understand that whatever happens between us is only temporary.

Hhmm. Should I tell her that except for the last part she kind of described Terrell? Okay. I’ll see what I can do. But you do know you can’t help who you lov, I mean fall for?

I can. Remember, make sure he knows the deal. You too. I just want a no strings attached HFN with no cliffhangers.

Anyways, thanks for having me on your blog today and nice meeting everyone! And don’t forget to check out the theme song to “Not Dreaming of You.”

Thanks for stopping by Kim.

Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo this year? How are you prepping for your NaNo novel? Are any of your characters giving you trouble? Have any questions you wish to ask Kim?

PS For those who aren’t familiar with the acronyms used in today’s post, here’s what they mean:

FMC – female main character

HEA – happily ever after

HFN – happy for now






    • I know. Lucky or better say unlucky for her, Terrell is up for the challenge. Meanwhile, I’ll try to pacify her with good music, good drinks and good food. (They’re her Achilles heel).


    • Thanks Tara. I’ve always seen Kim as the wild, fun best friend. Right now, my current trouble is writing her slight interest against her obvious doesn’t want to go there with the MMC disinterest. It’s a balancing act that feels too 50-50 when it should feel 70-30. Oh well, that’s what edits are for.


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