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OMG, it’s September already?! Where has the time gone? Well at least it’s the favorite time of the month for us writers because it’s IWSG Day. The first Wednesday of the new month where writers come together on a blog hop. To help support each other in their success and when they’re downtrodden. Thanks goes to Alex Cavanaugh for creating this camaraderie between us.

And thanks goes to the awesome co-hosts for the September 6 posting of the IWSG: Tyrean Martinson, Tara Tyler, Raimey Gallant, and Beverly Stowe McClure! Don’t forget to stop by and say hi. 😀

Interested in joining us? Click on the badge above. Our Twitter hashtag and handle are #IWSG and @TheIWSG.

What’s going on with me this month?

Well, I’m back from my blogging break. But now that I’m back, I hardly know what to blog about. Coming up with posts for the next couple of weeks won’t be as easy as my first post back. A “To or Not To” post about pen names. If you’d missed it, please visit and add your two cents.

I’ve also plotted 3 and ⅓ of the mystical short novella romance series I spoke about in my second tri-annual writing report. Even came up with new titles and created a secret Pinterest storyboard. I’ve also decided that once completed, edited, beta-read and rewritten, I’ll submit them to Carina Press. They have a new launch line of novellas for micro-romances, called The Dirty Bits. As for the titles of the Foreseen series, they’re called: 1) Love Lines, 2) Tall, Dark and Hateful, 3) On the Mat and 4) With His Touch.

Now all that’s left is to plot out my short novella high fantasy Hellsgate (still looking for alternative title). Start prepping for NaNoWriMo 2017. Get a new cover design for the romance sequel Not Dreaming of You. And continue working to complete my current WIPs The Soul Traveler and Dreaming of You. (Unfortunately, neither made the shortlist in this year Wattys).

What’s going on with you this month? Will you be participating in #PitMad tomorrow? Are you on plan with your writing goals? What’s next? Will you participate in NaNoWriMo 2017?

September 6 Question: Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing? For example, by trying a new genre you didn’t think you’d be comfortable in?

I’ve always loved reading fantasy and adventures. It never occurred to me that I’d write in another genre aside from young adult fantasy. The first writing I did while I was elementary school age were about twin princesses. Who felt stifled at court and so escaped their lifestyle to seek adventure.

So imagine my surprise, when a dream inspired a romance story idea. That then spanned into a series and a spin-off. It was one thing to read them but to write them? That’s a different story. But I do enjoy writing them, though I can’t compare to the likes of Farrah Rochon, Nora Roberts, Eloisa James, etc.

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    • Yup and with NaoNoWriMo almost upon us, will begin to plot a bit the second book in the dream brotha series. Have figured out how I want the story to start and end. But it’s the middle that’s got me flummoxed. :-/
      Yeah, breaks are awesome. 😀


    • Horray for us early preppers! Already know how I’d like to start and end the story. So will concentrate on plotting the middle.
      Good luck traveling and gathering research.


  1. Coming back after a blogging break is always tough. Even for me…I have my posts planned out for this year and had breaks planned (April), but when I had to come back with my pre-scheduled posts in May, I lagged behind. lol But all of your posts are good. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Chrys. So far I’ve written and scheduled one post for next month. But I’m thinking of writing NaNoWriMo prep posts for the next couple of weeks. I usually wait until the month before in October.


    • Wow. I’ve known about NaNo for years but only recently started participating since 2014. This year will be my fourth time, it would’ve been five but I skipped 2017 to do Nina Amir’s National Nonfiction Writing Month.


  2. So busy and so very organized! Pintrest, that’s the one social media outlet I’ve not even attempted. I’m still trying to figure out Instagram. LOL I will be attempting NaNo for the first time this year, and have to work on actually plotting (gasp! I’m a pantser) in hopes that I can get the words out a little faster if I have some sort of direction.

    good luck to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. I think writing is the only aspect in my life where I’m very organized. Everything else…enough said.
      Think you should give Pinterest a try. Lucky for you, my latest post is about using Pinterest to prep for NaNoWriMo. I’m a plantser myself and have several writing boards on Pinterest, 6-7 are storyboards and only half are public.
      Good luck in NaNo! 😀


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