30 Days of Poetry Love- Maya Angelou

National Poetry Month Logo

Credit image: National Poetry Month logo/Poets.org

Happy National Poetry Month!

It’s day 3 and not only that is the beginning of the first poetess of the week. Of course, the poetess can be none other than Maya Angelou.


Credit image: Poets.org

Maya Angelou was a writer, professor, poet, playwright and a civil rights activist. She worked with Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. during the Civil Rights Movement. She was presented the 2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama. Dr. Angelou met and befriended Nelson Mandela when she lived in Cairo in the 1960s. And wrote the poem “His Day is Done” in tribute to Mandela after his death.

The poem I’m sharing with you today is a reflective to who she was as a civil rights activist. I first heard of the poem  because of an Apple commercial. I had to hear it in its entirety and found a reciting of it by Ms. Angelou on YouTube. A simple, yet profound poem about the great, big, simple and not simple, yet profound world we live in. I particularly like the last the three lines of the poem. Ms. Angelou repeats the same line, three times, in different intonations. Deliberately to enforce the simple message we sometimes do not always acknowledge.

We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.

As if she must repeat it to get the message across. Is it maybe because we’re so hard of hearing? Or that the third’s time the charm and after hearing the line a third time, we’ll finally understand.

Maya Angelou “Human Family”


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