An Aging Love- a poem


Valentine’s day is tomorrow. And to celebrate all you lovers out there, whether it’s a parent to child, friend to friend and between lovers. Whether it’s a new love, sustaining or ending. Here’s to everyone finding and keeping an aging love.


An Aging Love


We found each other in the vast sea of digital lies,

our red thread connecting us across time and space.


We stood before the blessings of family,

followed by the ushering of a new member of our own.


We fought together for the life rejected from my womb

to survive in a world of monitors and an encased bubble.


To you, our stubborn child, we gave you an eternal playmate,

someone the three of us have been waiting for.


Melded for eight years, we grated and soothed each other

as you instilled to our sons the definition of a man while I

enjoyed my reverse harem of hugs, kisses and your reprimands.


In the years to come, we’ll ferment like an old vine,

yielding to boundless concentrated futures,

for us all to freely savor.

(c) Lidy Wilks, 2014



Title: Can You Catch My Flow?

Publisher: CreateSpace

Genre: Poetry

Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada | eCreate Store | Smashwords


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