On This Day Christopher Marlowe

Credit image: http://www.poetryfoundation.org


On this day, playwright Christopher Marlowe was born, supposedly. Born February 6, 1564 and without a doubt baptized on February 26, 1564. He was a renowned playwright ad poet of the Elizabethan era. Marlowe was a major influence to William Shakespeare (born two months after Marlowe). And other generations of writers.

Dr. Faustus, was his greatest work (and one I must read someday). Which was also used as a bit of poking fun in the movie Shakespeare in Love (loved that movie).

As well as being a poet and playwright, Christopher Marlowe was also rumored to be a spy. He’d later died at the early age of 29 on May 30, 1593.

Happy Birthday Christopher Marlowe! And to celebrate, here’s a reading of his poem “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love.” You can read the full poem on Poets.org.

Who do you think was the better playwright and poet, Marlowe or Shakespeare? Read any of Marlowe’s works? Have a favorite poem or play? Why?



  1. As much as I enjoy Shakespeare, I prefer Marlowe. I wonder, had Marlowe lived longer and further established his reputation as a playwright, would Shakespeare have shined as brightly as he does, or would we remember Marlowe in Shakespeare’s stead?

    Do read Doctor Faustus if you have the chance–it’s brilliant.

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    • That crossed my mind before too. And I believe had Marlowe lived both he and Shakespeare would’ve been in a constant see-saw as to who was the best poet and playwright of their day. One moment Marlowe would have that covenant title as number one. The next it’d be Shakespeare. Oh the fights it’d start in the literary community then as to who was the best.


  2. I can’t say I have a “favorite” of the two, but if I absolutely had to choose, I’d say Shakespeare because so much of his work has been required reading for several classes I’ve taken.

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    • Me too. I’m more familiar with Shakespeare because it was required reading. I love his sonnets and though I like Romeo and Juliet, I’d say my favorite plays are Othello because I love Iago and his way with words: “beast with two backs.” And Macbeth because of Lady Macbeth’s unsex me speech.


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