IWSG Day- Oops, I Did It Again

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Happy 2017! How is everyone doing? As you know, or if you don’t know already, the first Wednesday of each month is IWSG Day. IWSG is short for Insecure Writer’s Support Group and like the name says, we provide support. Writing can sometimes be as lonesome and draining as it is invigorating. And we can all use a little encouragement and support. Confirmation that we’re not really that crazy for pursuing this career. Although Edgar Allen Poe said it best when he said, “I’m a writer. Therefore I am not sane.”

So thanks for creating this creative community for all us crazies goes to Alex Cavanaugh. And thanks for co-hosting this month goes to: Eva @ Lillicasplace, Crystal Collier, Sheena-kay Graham, Chemist Ken, LG Keltner, and Heather Gardner!

Our Twitter hashtag is #IWSG

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So what’s going on with me this month? Well, let’s just say I’m feeling like that Britney Spears song, “Oops I did it again.”

Here I am thinking about what I should write today when bam! It hits me. A new story idea.

It’s day 3 into 2017 and although I haven’t written a word (this post doesn’t count). I’ve been thinking about what should happen next in my adult romance Dreaming of You. In my all star character edition, most of my characters from the 4 work in progress novels I worked on in 2016. It was a fun little post that helped me tap into my characters, who they are as people. As well help figure out which WIP should have my complete focus to completion in 2017.

So, since I’ve been thinking nothing but plot points and story lines. And about love scenes for Dreaming of You, so Dreaming of You it is. YAY!

But my problem now is what happened while thinking about Dreaming of You. When my muse went and smacked me upside my head with a new story idea. This time featuring Kim’s cousin in NYC. This new series branches out to Kim’s cousin and their childhood friends who used to live in the apartment next door. So now I have the beginning of a new series, stand alone romances, for the 5 boroughs of New York. The series is tentatively known as Love in the City. And the title for Kim’s cousin, whose name I still haven’t learned yet, is Double Trouble. Also tentative.


Kim’s cousin from NY (1 of the 5 boroughs in Love in the City series (tentative title)   Character Inspiration Source: K.D. Aubert                                   Credit image: otsmagazine.files.wordpress.com

I promised myself no new stories for 2017. To just concentrate on putting the words ‘the end’ on 1 or 2 of  my work in progress novels. But I’m getting a creeping doubt that I enjoy the coming up with stories stage more than the finishing it part.  All these story ideas are great because I have plenty of material to choose from. But I worry if this should be something I should worry about. What if I can start a story but I can’t finish it?


How has 2017 been to you so far? Has your muse been acting up or being helpful? What do you do when you’ve been hit with an inspiration? And if it’s for a new or different WIP?

jacob nordby blessed are the...

Credit image: leilaworldblog

January 4 Question: What writing rule do you wish you’d never heard?

I have two: ‘Show. Don’t tell.’ And ‘Write what you know.’ These are the most limiting advice I’ve heard. And I’m tired of hearing. As if those three to four little words, disguised as advice, is actually helpful. When I first heard them I was thrown for a loop. And it often left me questioning myself whether I’m not showing enough or telling too much. Which didn’t help the doubts I already had about my writing. And there’s stuff that I know that I could use in my writing. It might make writing easier but also boring. If I can’t get excited about my work, how do I expect to get a reader excited.

Instead they should amend both writing rules. eg.

Show and tell. Find the balance between the two. And know when to show and when to tell.

Write what you know. And write what you don’t know. (my college professor taught me this one and I’m all the better for it)



27 thoughts on “IWSG Day- Oops, I Did It Again

  1. Happy New Year!
    I wouldn’t tie myself down, if I were you. Sometimes your creativity is going to pull you in another direction.
    As for show don’t tell and write what you know, I have my problems with those two aspects also.
    Wishing you an awesome 2017.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Pat and Happy 2017 to you too. The worry is I might stretch myself too thin going after all these directions. But yeah, sometimes I can get off one path to another. The end result is the same regardless. A good, no great story.


  2. Oh man, I’m so glad I’m not the only person who has trouble with the “show don’t tell” advice as I spend too much time ‘telling.’ Then writing what I know… well about all I know well is ME and my family… thus my writing.

    Then with the New Year, I forgot today is Wednesday so Now I have to figure out WHAT to write and post… groan! Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Alex and Happy 2017! All these ideas coming to me are like fireflies coming out. Just when I think I’ve caught one or one slips through my grasp, another light pops up before me. Should I catch that too or let it go and focus on what I already have?


  3. Show, don’t tell is one of the most troublesome writing maxims ever. I should’ve used that for today’s IWSG question, actually!

    Good luck with your new plot bunny. I had a bunch last year that I’m parsing through, trying to see which one is better developed and ready to plot out than the others.

    I’m a New Yorker–the idea of a series of romances set in each of the five boroughs sounds really cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know. They should banish that rule already. And thanks for finding my new plot bunny interesting. So far, I only have the cousin story fleshed out a bit. Who’s now a single mother of two boys yet I still don’t know her name. Have to figure out the childhood friends & sisters who moved to the other 2 boroughs. And have to think about the story lines for the rest of the 2 boroughs later. Good luck with your parsing and hope you find some gold. Happy 2017!


    • I know. Don’t know whether to hug or throttle my muse. Yes, I get a ton of story ideas to work on one day. But it’s distracting me from my current WIP. And yes abolish them. Abolish them to farthest corners of the earth and beyond!


  4. Don’t you love it when a new story comes into your head? I do. It’s the best moment in writing, when a new hero suddenly appears and demands your attention.
    Like you, I dislike the rule “Write what you know.” I’d substitute it for “Write what you love.”

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  5. Yep, that pesky show don’t tell. I try really hard to only work on one wip at a time but I do allow myself time to add to my future wip ideas folder which can sometimes get pretty full:)
    Happy New Year to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • My story idea files are getting full too. Will have to make new folders by genre and target audience. It’d be easier to find a particular story whenever the times comes I want to start tinkering with it.


  6. Write what you know was one of the first writing rules I chucked. Really? How do we have science fiction if we have to write what we know? How do we have anything that isn’t memoir? I hope you get your stories finished AND get to write the new ones! I do love the idea stage.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly. How can write what you know be useful to science fiction and fantasy? Elves, dwarves, unicorns, etc don’t exist, so according to that rule, stories featuring such creatures and characters wouldn’t get written. Same as traveling through wormholes to travel in space.


  7. I’m always coming up with ideas but I’m finally starting to figure out that when I get a new idea (unless it’s the rare occurrence of a short story), it’s not something meant for me to write immediately. I’ve learned that my ideas need to simmer a looooong time before I even get to the outline phase. That used to frustrate me at first, but knowing that is just part of my process has actually been a relief. If I have more than one project going at one time, I allow myself to work on several to see which one “wins” first; if I can get more (good) pages down for any particular project, I know that one’s ready. And I also used to hate the show don’t tell rule until an amazing teacher really broke it down.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, let it simmer until it’s ready or you’re ready for it. That’s what happened to me this time with picking my WIP for 2017. Dreaming of You was the one project most on my mind and that I’d written for. So it won.
      I”m curious, how did your teacher broke down the show don’t tell rule?


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