• Thanks Alex. Been too long and the story been collecting cobwebs. So keeping my fingers crossed that it becomes one of those real winners at the end of November. And much revising/editing/rewriting, etc.


    • Thanks Liz. As for adding it to the story, at first I thought it’d make the story more interesting if I brought the original scifi element. Then sometimes I think it’s kind of gimmicky. But then how else to explain why one of the characters, Velli, has in his possession a working vehicle. An ancient jeep that he mostly restored and used the resources around him to work. Wait, the previous civilization was an advance race that had technology. And Velli’s uncle was your bona fide archaeologist and used some of his findings to invent things that are used throughout Kamali. Which made Kamali a strong, formidable and advanced nation. Okay, don’t think I quite need the scifi element. Just have to figure out what kind of engine it has now and what it runs on. Thanks for asking Liz. It cleared the cobwebs. 😀


  1. I really wanted to be part of Nanowrimo this year as I do every year, but schoolwork and studies are keeping me really busy so I can’t see any way in which I will be able to participate. However, I hope it goes well for you and you can get that long overdue novel finally written! I also really like the sound of those guest posts! I’m looking forward to them and have signed up for one about writing :3

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    • Thanks for signing up!
      I’m wondering myself if I have the time too. But still, felt it was time to take HoET out of hiatus. At least I have plenty of material to work with (or against)…knock on wood. Good luck with your studies! 😀

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  2. Well I’m doing a blog tour anyway. I signed up for a promo post (with excerpt), but I’ve got a character doppelganger quiz or medieval funnies too. Let me know what you want and I’ll plan on it.

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  3. Lidy I love your manifesto!!!! Awesome blog always enjoy reading them and your books must be a joy to write. I love when stories hit you out of nowhere. Happens to me all the time. Good luck 😊😊

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    • Thanks Amora! I like it too, it gives you that tingling feeling. Downside, well back then, was that I didn’t have anything to write with or on. So I had to wait until I got to a computer. Forgot a lot of little story details that way.


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