1. Yes, I was a fan of Roswell, although I didn’t watch it until several years after it went off the air.

    It was cancelled too soon, I think. There was still a lot of the canon left to explore, although I was glad that we got to see as much of it as we did.

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    • I know. I’m still sad they canceled it too soon. There was so much to explore now that Liz had powers too. And that there was a chance for Kyle to develop powers too. And what of the awful future that future Max went back in time to change? Did the alien invasion still happened, how, were alien scooby gang successful this time?


    • Yeah, I was surprised too. Can’t believe it’s been 17 years.
      Yup and thank you. I’m doing NaNo and will be doing a post Oct 24 detailing more about the story I’m working on.


    • You have to watch it. All three seasons are on Netflix, although I do have to say season 1 is my favorite. It’s where everything began. Hope you enjoy it.


  2. When I first started running longer distances I discovered this on iTunes. I would steam it from my iPad while on a treadmill. I miss it. 8 watch the series. It was really good. I wasn’t a huge fan on the final season but that’s the case with most shows I watch and books I read. ❤️
    You got me nostalgic and reminded me that I need to select my shows for fall/winter treadmill running!

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    • Glad to help with the nostalgia. I wasn’t much of a fan for season 3 either. The Scooby alien gang were slipping and getting almost caught a little too much compared to the previous seasons. But the best part in season 3 was when Liz knocked Tess across the room with her new alien powers. And how Michael was no longer searching to go back to planet because earth and Maria was his home.

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    • Yeah. I watched the show for Max and Liz. I’m still sad the show ended with only three seasons. If they had more, they’ve could’ve expanded on those conspiracies. Like who else besides the ‘skins’ were their (Max, Isabel and Michael) enemies.

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