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It’s the third day of the month and you know what that means. It’s IWSG day! And what do we do on IWSG day? We share our woes and triumphs as well as encourage our fellow writers on this crazy writing journey. And as always, thanks to creating this community goes to ninja extraordinaire, Alex Cavanaugh!

To find out more about the group and/or maybe even sign-up, click on the badge above.  And don’t forget to check out the co-hosts for August: Tamara Narayan, Tonja Drecker, Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor, Lauren @ Pensuasion, Stephen Tremp, and Julie Flanders!

Our Twitter hashtag is #IWSG.

So, what’s going on with me in the final month of my blogging break?

Well the Watty’s 2016 is what’s going on. I went and entered my first adult romance, Dreaming of You, into this year’s Wattys. I even asked for help for votes, hearts and nominations on Twitter for the People’s Choice Awards this past Monday. Thanks to everyone who answered my call! 😀

I won’t know the results for the People’s Choice awards until Fall. But I’m still eligible for other awards. So I have until August 31st to gain as many likes and votes for Dreaming of you on Wattpad.

I also made book quote arts from the main couple and shared it on my social media:


Justin Boyd

Dr. Sharon Cooper

Justin Boyd

I ’d love to hear your thoughts about the characters, what you like or don’t like, etc. So don’t be shy and comment away. It’s a draft and so it’s not perfect. And I can take the constructive criticism to make it better. Plus, I’ve been developing a thick skin.
I also finally received a response to the cover request for Dreaming of You. The cover of the loving couple below was the cover designed last month by @Tommorrowland. But not before designing a cover of my own on Canva.com. I had trouble deciding on which cover to use and even did a poll on both Facebook and Twitter.

But the results of the poll was on the divide. People did seem to like the blue cover a bit more as it’s more colorful. Although the other cover clearly tells the type of genre it is. Thus making it easier for romance readers to realize ‘yup, this a romance.’ Personally, I can go with either one. But the cover, as I said before, can hint to the genre of the story inside. Grab a reader’s attention, further stoking their curiosity to reading it. (FYI, as revealed Monday, I went with the second cover).

Oh well. Now I’ll be spending August and the foreseeable month(s) trying to get as many votes as possible. Until then, wish me luck and see you on my regular blog schedule starting September 5th!

Dreaming of You cover comparison


Ever created a quote art from your book? What kind of covers intrigue you the most? Illustrations of places and or things? Silhouettes or covers with images of the character(s)? Have a or seen a cover that you thought was awesome? Or captured the essence/theme/mood of the novel? Please share.

PS While researching covers on Google I found an interesting post on YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) about protagonists of color and book covers. Ever read a book where the character on the cover didn’t look remotely like the character as described by the author? ex. Ged from the Earth Sea series by Ursula K. Le Guin. What were your thoughts and feelings about it? Do you know if the author was successful in getting a cover change?

PSS And check out the design to my cover request for my epic fantasy Harbingers of El Tinor created by @TTBMBFF! @TTBMBFF tried their best to fit the descriptions from my cover ideas. And though it was very hard to find pictures that suited them, they still were able to create this nice cover for me. Thanks again @TTBMBFF!

Harbingers of El Tinor wattpad cover 2.0

AUGUST 3RD QUESTION: What was your very first piece of writing as an aspiring writer? Where is it now? Collecting dust or has it been published?

My first piece of writing as an aspiring writer was a princess fantasy tale. I wrote it sometime during 3rd or 4th grade and even drew the illustrations. I folded and tore the paper and stapled it together to make the book. It even spanned into a series. As to where it is now, I don’t know. It got lost or maybe was thrown away during a move. The latter I hate to think happened. I still never forgotten or forgiven my aunt/mom when they threw out my books because of a move once. They could’ve least asked if I wanted to keep them before they started throwing things away all willy-nilly.  I’d much rather believe that my friend and first fan kept it and it is collecting dust somewhere in her home for the past 20+ years.

on a blogging break


28 thoughts on “IWSG Day & #Wattys2016

  1. Yay! Congrats on entering your work in the Wattys award! Best of luck! 🙂 I know you will be sitting on pins and needles until September 5th, but publishing those pic/quote memes should help get you votes. They look awesome! 🙂

    Sorry your princess story got trashed. So much of my early writing from elementary school got left behind during a move. Looking back though I’m probably better off not having so much junk laying around. Sometimes it’s better just to have the memories. But you are right, your mom/aunt should have asked before scrapping anything of yours; your things were never theirs to get rid of.

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    • Thank you Amanda. I created the memes using Wattpad’s quote art function and Canva.com. And what’s worse was that although small it was my first book collection which also held the first book I ever received as a gift. 😦


    • Thanks Erica. It’s kind of like having a spaceship type of cover for Conan the Barbarian. It’s a definite mismatch unless the barbarian finds himself aboard a ship and the story follows his adventures in space.

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    • Thank you Emaginette. That reminds me, I once found an instruction guide on how to see a live list of the top 50 selling titles of a genre on Amazon. Used it to for research on the top selling poetry books.

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  2. Good luck in the Wattys! I got hooked on Wattpad last summer right around the time of the Wattys. (I can’t believe it’s been a year already). I’m actually working on a novella I plan to post on Wattpad, but Ive never done a novella before so I’m a little slow going. I want to write it first and then post it in stages.

    I have romance writer friends who indie publish and it’s a very known thing that finding stock cover photos with non-white characters is difficult. Courtney Milan writes about this on her blog. She is at a place in her career where she was able to hire an actor and stage her own shoot because she couldn’t find Asian men for her romance covers, and has even been told to her face that Asian males on romance covers don’t sell books. Well, screw those people because she’s selling books! (And how awful is that to say someone who looks like you on the cover will hurt your chances of selling a book? Time to change that whether the publishing industry likes it or not).

    Here’s my August IWSG post on my first novel attempt (note I said ATTEMPT). YA Author Stephanie Scott IWSG August

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    • Thanks Stephanie and good luck with the novella too. It’s a shame how the publishing industry would think that. People are demanding more and more for diverse books. And if they continue thinking like that it’s only going to hurt them. And Asian males on romance covers don’t sell books!? I love watching Asian dramas and South Korean actor Choi Si Won and Thai actors Daew and Aum Atichart has some of the hottest pecs and abs I’ve ever seen.


    • Thanks Stephen. Hearing that I’m reminded how my older brother had a bit of shock to walk into a club in Japan and to hear hip hop blaring from the stereos. Guess, it’s understandable for one culture to have a fascination with another. Over in the states we have K-con and Anime con to feed our fascination with Asian culture.


  3. I haven’t paid much attention to the cover debate. Truthfully, I think covers should be true to what they represent. I would go with the cover that has people on it. We totally relate to the human element more than a symbol. It gets a stronger response.

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    • Thanks Crystal. Several weeks ago, I read an article I found on FB about how an author fought against his publishers and had covers changed. The book was set in Egypt and the young boy character was black. But on the cover they made the character white because “it’d sell better/have a better response.” :-O


    • Thank you. So far I’ve only made book quote arts from ch1 and 3. But now I’m thinking about doing 1-2 for every chapter to post on social media when the latest chapter updated on Wattpad.


  4. Good luck for Watty’s, and good for you for entering! I like both covers. The 2nd is fitting for the genre…but it’s nice to see something different too. And the blue is lovely. I don’t think the characters on the covers ever look how I envision them when reading a book. Guess my mind works in its own way! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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    • Thanks Tonja. It wasn’t easy choosing since I really like that blue color on the first cover too. I don’t think we can ever envision exactly how the characters look. But at least we know the kind of people they are.


    • Thanks Alex. It would’ve been nice to look upon and use a symbol for all those detours on my writing journey. If 7-8 year old me knew she wanted to be a writer that she’d make her own book(s), so should my older self continue on to becoming a published author.


  5. I have my fingers crossed for you!

    I found like the blue and the flowers on the first cover and the couple on the second cover. I wonder if you can combine the two ideas?

    I’m sorry that your story is gone. 😦

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    • Thanks Chrys. Now that’s an idea. I’m sorry about it too but hopefully it’s not gone forever. And someone really has it in a box in their attic or something.


  6. Hi Lidy! I’m going to send you an email re: my blog tour later :-). But I wanted to chime in on the book cover. I also designed my own book cover (it’s a gamble whether a professional designer is better, unfortunately) and researched book covers a lot. I found Derek Murphy’s videos and blog VERY helpful. Google him. He’s a book cover marketing expert. His main points: 1. Genre must be clear, otherwise you’ll have disappointed readers. 2. Contrasting colors sell. 3. Certain figures get more clicks: people, animals, children. 4. Include elements that give the gist of the story.

    As far as your covers, I love the graphics of your blue design! However, marketing-wise, covers with faces on them automatically get more clicks, so that it the advantage of the other cover. It also makes clear that it’s a POC romance, so you’re sure to hit the right audience. But the cover design on the right is somehow flat. I think the floral graphics of your blue cover has the right amount of complexity, so IMHO combining the two (tweaking the colors somehow) would be your best bet.

    Good luck with Watty. I will take a look at your WIP next week after my own book launch is done!

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  7. It would be tough to choose between those two covers. I made a cover for my collection of short stories (suspense). I felt a little cheap not going with a paid cover, but I’ve received lots of positive feedback on it anyway.

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