30 Days of Poetry Love 2- Anthology- Sylvia Plath


Credit image: National Poetry Month logo/Poets.org

Happy National Poetry Month!
There are six days left and I have a feeling it’s going to be hardest six days of my life. Yet what better way to close the month but with another poem by Sylvia Plath.


Credit image: Poets.org, photo credit: Rollie McKenna

On April 8th, I shared with you Plath’s poem Lady Lazarus from my favorite poem anthology. Well, here’s another favorite poem of mine from the poetess, The Colossus.


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Poetry Love 2- Anthology- Sylvia Plath

    • Thanks. Why the hardest? For the most part, choosing the final poems to share on this blog. And the second, hoping against hope that the package containing copies of my book is found and returned to me as soon as possible. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday and it was according to the tracking number. Too bad it wasn’t to me. So hoping the PO can fix this by tomorrow. And that it won’t take longer than that because I was also hoping to send my Goodreads giveaway winners their autographed copies of Can You Catch My Flow?


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