30 Days of Poetry Love 2- Anthology- Langston Hughes


Credit image: National Poetry Month logo/Poets.org

Happy National Poetry Month! Can you believe there’s only 11 days left in April?


Anyways, today’s poem from my favorite anthology is once again by Langston Hughes.


Credit image: Poets.org

Let America Be America Again” was written in 1935 during the Great Depression.

It’s a powerful poem about inequality and oppression. All the while, firm in the determination in making the American dream available to all. Truly a poem as relatable today as it was then. A timeless poem as no form of government is perfect. And have times where it failed, persecuted, marginalized and oppressed it’s own people.

I want to say it here and now. No matter your political/gender/racial/immigration/sexual stance. I will not allow or condone any slurs and bashing. Nor name calling, derogatory and negative speech against anyone in the comments.

Although, I’m not a religious person, I’m a firm believer in Ephesians 4:29. Basically, ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.’


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Poetry Love 2- Anthology- Langston Hughes

  1. I am a Christian myself but you definitely don’t have to be to agree to that bible verse. I think that is common sense and something that a lot more people could benefit from sticking with as well. This poem really is talking about the people as a whole. I appreciate that.

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