Did You Know…World Poetry Day*

Happy World Poetry Day!

Did you know that today, March 21st, is World Poetry Day? It is a worldwide celebration of poetry, literature and free speech. It’s sole purpose is to promote the reading and teaching of poetry. And its connection with the other arts. As well as the human connectivity poetry provides.

To celebrate the day, I went on a search for a poem to share with you. Poring through my notebooks and binder of poetry when the thought hit me. Since I’m currently doing a blog book tour for Can You Catch My Flow? so why not share a poem that was cut from the manuscript. So here is a poem I wrote during my college poetry workshop:

Come With


Take my hand dear

and in the pouch of a kangaroo

we’ll hippity-hop

to the taut bow moon.

There we’ll cackle, bay and howl

like wolves, who knows

that the secret of life

is that it’s only a sneeze

and a God bless you away.


Come, come my dear.

and make Peter a founding father.

Let’s open our own golden doors

to the hunchback of Notre Dame, Isis and

Neferteri and Helen, Icarus,

the sirens and the Minotaur too.


Come on, hurry, we must be quick

because Morta will take it all away.


PS Happy Birthday Martha Foley! Ms. Foley created the magazine “Story” in 1932 with her husband Whit Burnett. And edited “The Best American Short Stories.” Including entries by Eudora Welty, Joyce Carol Oates and John Updike! In the words of Ted (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), Whoa!

*Whoops, forgot to add another PS. For this week, I have three tour stops for Can You Catch My Flow? : Blog As If No One Is Reading on March 22ndWriting People and Poetry  (next week Thursday, March 31st) and a special cover reveal on March 25th at FictionZeal.

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If you’d like an autographed copy of Can You Catch My Flow? then follow the link to the Goodreads giveaway! I’m giving 1 of 5 autographed copies to the lucky winners and there’s only 9 days left to enter.

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Enjoying the blog tour so far? Would like to take part? Well if you’re not busy doing the A to Z Challenge. Or the National Poetry Month 30 poems in 30 days Challenge in April, then click the link to the sign up form. Looking forward to hearing from you! 😀

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  1. You’re getting the word out! Some writer who released a book of poetry posted in a group I’m on that she can’t figure out why major publications are ignoring her offer to “help them out” with any poetry month stuff they’re doing to promote her book. Another writer and I gave her some suggestions of going to her local libraries/bookstores and making that offer, but she doesn’t want to actually do anything. She wants some big publication to just excitedly tell the world about her book while she sits on her butt. Some people will never get it, I guess!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Stephanie. Well for her case I hope she changes her strategy. Poetry is a small niche and major publications mostly ignore poetry books because of the lack of revenue it’ll bring. Unless the poet is like the James Patterson in the poetry world or they want to publish Marlon James next book, which also happens to be a poetry collection. Other than that, they’ll publish collections of famous living poets like Juan Felipe Herrera, the current US Poet Laureate. Or who are deceased like Maya Angelou, Sylvia Plath or Robert Frost. So for her, she has to get the ball rolling herself and get the word out. Like you said, contacting her local libraries/bookstores is a good way to do that. And in regardless if it’s poetry or a different genre, getting the word out and promoting the book is mostly on the author anyways.


  2. Great poem, Lidy. I must admit, I was useless at poetry in school. When we had to write a poem for homework, I traded with my mom. She wrote the poem and I washed the dishes. It worked a treat and she always got an A grade 🙂 I think my teacher knew I hadn’t written any of them. I used to get ‘the look’ whenever she handed my book back 🙂 Bless. I’m still rubbish at poetry but I am gaining an appreciation of the art.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Nicola! 😀
      Lol, what a trade indeed. And I’m in agreement that your teacher knew too. Teachers, especially English teachers, are usually astute about what their students are capable of writing. My husband ‘wrote’ a paper once and the teacher noted how his style had changed. He was all, how did she know? :-O


  3. I didn’t know today was world poetry day! That’s so cool. I’m going to go crack out a poetry collection today to celebrate just because I feel like that would an appropriate thing to do. I love poetry and the meaning behind it. I even love the decoding for hidden meanings and understanding of the message the author meant to give to us.

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