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Thinking of Entering PitMad? There Are Some New Rules You Need to Know


It’s that time again and the first PitMad session of 2016 is only 10 days away. And if you’ve never participated or heard of PitMad before, then I’m here to help you. First let’s get into a bit of history about PitMad.

PitMad is a pitch party on Twitter to help writers like yourselves get out of the slush pile. And into the hands of agents interested in your manuscript(s). Now remember your manuscript must be completed, polished as polished can be and unpublished. And you only have 140 characters to pitch it.

You can thank its creator, Brenda Drake, for this opportunity.

In the past you can pitch your book twice an  hour from 8am to 8pm on the day of the pitch party. And that you can RT your favorite pitches to show support to the writer. Well things have been a little different since the last PitMad in December. There are some new rules:


Now with the new rules out the way, here’s some genre hashtags to include in your pitch. Making it easier for agents and publishers to find the type of manuscripts they’re looking for:


#AD- Adventure #Mem- Memoir
#CF- Christian Fiction #LGBT
#CON- Contemporary #LF- Literary Fiction
#CR- Contemporary Romance #NF- Non-fiction
#E- Erotica #R- Romance
#ER- Erotic Romance #P- Paranormal
#ES- Erotica Suspense #PR- Paranormal Romance
​#F- Fantasy #RS- Romantic Suspense
#H- Horror #SF- SciFi
#HF- Historical Fiction #S- Suspense
#HR- Historical Romance #T- Thriller
#INSP- Inspirational #UF- Urban Fantasy
#MR- Magical Realism #W- Westerns
#M- Mystery #WF- Woman’s Fiction



#PB– Picture Book #MG– Middle Grade
#C– Children’s #YA– Young Adult
#CB– Chapter Book #NA– New Adult
#CL– Children’s Lit #A– Adult

Hint: To fit in your hashtags to your pitch I suggest creating a 130-135 characters pitch.

Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy writers, are you not sure what genre your manuscript falls into? Then read Connor Goldsmith’s Science Fiction & Fantasy sub-categories definitions. Also, there’s another PitMad session just for SF/F writers. It’s called #SFFpit and it happens twice a year typically in June and December. If #PitMad was a bust, you might be able to boost your chances in the SF/F pitch party. The next date hasn’t been finalized. But you can keep yourself updated by visiting Dan Koboldt’s site. They have new rules as well. Check them out here.

Not interested in #PitMad or haven’t much success with it. There are plenty of pitch parties you can take part in. There’s Pitch Wars, Pitch Madness and #PitMatch. #PitMatch is a matchmaking pitch party. An author, agent team, and an editor team, work together. Finding the connections between authors, agents, and editors who accept direct submissions. And match them. It’s a new pitch party that first debuted last month for Valentine’s.

What are your thoughts about pitch parties? Have you participated in one? How was the experience? Will you be taking part in it again?

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