Happy 200th Blog Post!

Happy 200th Blog Post

Wow, I can not believe that the first regular schedule post of the new year is my 200th blog post. Should I take it as a sign of good things to come? Will 2016 be the year for me as a writer? Will fate smile upon me and my publishing endeavors? Well either way, that depends on myself, perseverance and maybe a bit of luck.

After all, “You cannot leave everything to Fate, boy. She’s got a lot to do. Sometimes you must give her a hand.”-Leonardo, Ever After

Anyways to celebrate my 20oth blog post, I’d like to share 20 fun facts about me:

  1. I’m a book nerd. If I can live in a house made out of books, I would. That’s just how big of a book lover I am.
  2. I love pizza. And I don’t mean the pizza from brands like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s (though I do love their sauce) and Dominoes. I’m talking about New York City pizza. When the cheese stretches more than Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four.
  3. Storm is my favorite X-men character. Which explains my disappointment in Halle Berry casted in that role. No offense to Halle but she wasn’t a good Storm. Which is why I can’t also wait to see X-men Apocalypse where Storm is a horseman. By the way, has anyone seen the trailer?
  4. Wolverine is my favorite X-men character (male). And I think Hugh Jackman was perfectly casted for that role. He definitely had the abs for it. ;-D
  5. Rogue is my second favorite X-men character (female) alongside Storm. A woman with the strength of a 100 men and can fly is badass. But I also feel her pain, how sad and lonely it must be to go through life without touching another human being.
  6. I’m a big fan of the show Charmed. Pru was my favorite character. And I loved the whole power of three thing. By the the way, three is a powerful number.
  7. I’m also a big fan of the show Supernatural. Well I was in the beginning up until Dean got sent to Purgatory. The show just went downhill from there, for me. But I’ll always love Dean Winchester.
  8. I like paranormal/supernatural stories like psychics, witches and alternate worlds (ex Charmed and Supernatural). Which explains why I’m writing similar stories like my current work in progress, “Nadia the Fire Witch” and “The Soul Traveler.”
  9. I love mythology. Especially Greek mythology. By middle school I knew more about the Greek myths than my classmates. Hell, probably even more than my teachers.
  10. After Greek mythology, I was also interested in Norse mythology and the Egyptian myths. Another work in progress (currently in hiatus),“Harbingers of El Tinor,” is influenced by all three myths. I also have another three story ideas based on myths as well.
  11. I had my first publication in my middle school yearbook in 1997. It was a poem called “A Rose is a Lovely Flower.”
  12. I love Hercules. And I’m not talking about the Hercules movies that came out the last few years. I’m talking about the Hercules TV show from the 90s, starring Kevin Sorbo. Didn’t I tell you that I love Greek myths?
  13. I’m a huge Xena fan. Man I loved her warrior cry and that chakram weapon of hers. And when Gabrielle started learning how to fight too…she was good with the staff. But she was badass with the sai. Didn’t I already say I love Greek myths?
  14. I am and will always will be a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I can re-watch the old episodes and never get tired of it. I’m still mad they never did a series based on Faith.
  15. I like amateur detective stories, in particular female detectives. Which is why I love Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars.
  16. I love, love, love, love anime (Japanese animation). I was first bitten by the anime bug one Saturday afternoon after the Saturday morning cartoons were long over. Thankfully, we had cable and I accidentally stumbled onto Cartoon Network showing something I’ve never seen before. And it changed my world.
  17. I’m a manga (graphic novel) addict. Due to impatience for the next Naruto episode and wanted to skip the episode fillers, I searched for the original manga it was adapted from. I was a goner.
  18. I’m an Asian drama addict. After searching and reading tons of manga it then led me to their anime adaptations. And then I became curious about watching their drama adaptations. First it was Japanese dramas, then Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese dramas. And lastly, Thailand dramas (lakorn).
  19. I prefer dead poets like William Butler Yeats, Thomas Hardy, and Sylvia Plath over living poets. But  I do have favorite living poets like Rita Dove.
  20. One of my dreams is to travel to Akihabara in Japan, the Great Wall of China, Notre Dame and St. Tropez and the pyramids of Egypt in one big trip.

Whew, there you have it. 20 things about me, some of which you might’ve known already. Nonetheless, thanks for stopping by and celebrating my 200th blog post with me.

Celebrated any milestones lately? Or plan to in the near future?

20 things about me for 200th blog post

PS A print version of my poetry chapbook will be coming soon. And with a new cover too. So if you like reading poetry, featuring poets on your blog and if you’re interested in taking part in my book re-launch, please signup the blog tour form below. Thank you! 😀




    • You’re right. Supernatural gave me the heebie-jeebies in the beginning. But that’s what I loved about it. I’ll always love Dean though. Some of my favorite Supernatural scenes are all Dean related.


  1. Congratulations! I’ll have to come back to sign up, but I’m definitely interested in reading/featuring/reviewing your poetry on my blog. 🙂 This was a fun post to read, and I’m glad your new year has begun so auspiciously.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you and much appreciated. And to properly honor this auspicious day, I should do as Leonardo said in the movie Ever After, and give fate a helping hand in making 2016 a good writing year.


    • Thanks Brigid. What are your favorite myths? I particularly like the one that explains the changing seasons with Demeter, Persephone and Hades. And the one when the gods were invited to dinner and the host tried to trick them into eating his son. And Icarus. Poor, poor Icarus.


    • Wow, now that you mentioned you also love Storm and Rogue, I had an epiphany. In a way, my MC from Nadia the Fire Witch is a mix of both. Because of circumstances she can’t get close to anyone. And her witch powers are nature element based (water, fire, earth, air). But always glad to find another Xena and Charmed fan. 😀


    • Thank you Claire. And I can’t wait for the X-men film. I’ve been dying for a movie about Apocalypse and now my prayers have finally been answered. Then there’s also the new Avengers movie, Deadpool and Batman vs Superman, but I’m not sure I’ll be watching the last one. What the hell I’m saying, yes I will.

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  2. Congrats on your 200th post! You definitely do like X-men a lot. It’s interesting that you didn’t like the casting for Storm as well. At first, I really didn’t like Wolverine as Hugh Jackman until I watched the movie The Wolverine after a couple of the X-men movies. THEN I liked his character. Rogue was a favourite of mine too. Ooh, and I love Supernatural and all things paranormal too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Olivia. I grew up on the X-men animated series. And Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Superman and Batman, so when the movies came along I was on board. It’s just too bad that they didn’t do an open/international casting call and got an African actress to play the role of Storm. Halle Berry as Storm was just not working for me. I liked Hugh Jackman as Wolverine right off the bat. He’d stepped into the screen and I was like, yup that’s Wolverine. Didn’t even question it. Right now, I’d love it if Hollywood moved on to the other super hero comics like Static Shock, Aquaman, Flash, Black Cat, etc. And you know what else I liked about Supernatural. That hunters Sam and Dean were like detectives. And I love the mashup of supernatural/paranormal and detective genres.

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      • I’ve been rewatching Supernatural from season one and I like that aspect of things too. And there are plenty of great superhero movies coming out this year as well!

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