How to Survive NaNoWriMo During Thanksgiving

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Happy Week Three!

It’s do or die time. And worse of all Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. Whether you’ve slowed down or stalled or not, Thanksgiving is sure to put a kibosh on your writing. So here are a few tips to survive Thanksgiving. And without making huge sacrifices to finishing your novel. Or to your word count.

  • Prepare your meals ahead of time. Whether you’re hosting or a guest, cook your Thanksgiving dinner/side dish days before and store it in the freezer. The day before, take it out and let it thaw. Then warm it up in the oven the day of.
  • Call shotgun on dessert. You can bake a dessert(s) or buy some from the store (quality kind, don’t be too frugal). Either way, you’ve done your part for the Thanksgiving meal. With plenty of cooking time freed up to devote to your novel.
  • Take frequent bathroom breaks. Don’t want to get TMI but there’s nothing wrong in being regular. Or faking it. Every once in awhile head to the bathroom and do 5-10 minute writing sprint. Keep a small notebook and pen/pencil. Something that can fit into your pocket. (Recently bought a mini notebook from Walmart. And have already put it to good use!)

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Here are some tips our illustrious NaNoWriMo coaches gave in last month’s Twitter chat:

Have any NaNoWriMo and time management tips to get you through Thanksgiving that you’d like to share? How is your novel faring with NaNoWriMo nearing its end?

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