Happy IWSG Day!-Decisions, Decisions

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Happy IWSG Day! Can you believe that it’s November already and it’s IWSG day again? Could’ve sworn our last IWSG day in October happened just yesterday. Either way, there’s only one month left in 2015 for us to come together. Sharing our woes and providing encouragement, until the new year. And it’s all thanks to Alex Cavanaugh for creating this writer’s haven. So we can discuss our fears without shame. Share our triumphs with pride. Always reminding everyone of us, every Wednesday of a new month, that we are not alone.

To find out more about the group and/or maybe even sign-up, click on the badge above. And don’t forget to check out the November 4 posting of the IWSG: Stephen Tremp, Karen Walker, Denise Covey, and Tyrean Martinson!

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I’d say I don’t have any worries this month but that’d be a lie of sorts. I do have one and that is if I’ll make it through NaNoWriMo. I have no attention of winning in regards to writing 50k words and over by the end of the month. I’ve decided to concentrate on just writing a complete rough draft, period. Word count be damned. I’ve also decided to work on two story ideas. The romance novel “Dreaming of You” first, then the urban and portal fantasy, “The Soul Traveler” second. Which means I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo into December.

On another note, a funny thing happen to me two weeks ago at Popeye’s. I’d just got out a grueling three hour meeting before I left work. Between you and me, I was surprised I was able to stay awake, all thanks goes to writing prep notes for NaNoWriMo. I’d told my husband earlier, how I won’t be cooking that night. Had been complaining about the meeting to him all day, before and afterward, that I’m going to be too tired. Really, I wasn’t cooking. Do you know how draining meetings can be? And it was three hours!

Anyways, I digress…true to my word and his, instead of cooking, we went to Popeye’s for takeout. I’d been reading James Scott Bell’s Write Your Novel From the Middle. I was using my cell as a bookmark and when it was my turn to order, I placed the book on the counter. Immediately, the couple that was in front of me started whispering. And I heard the words “she’s writing something.”

After I finished ordering, I stepped aside and waited. The curiosity soon got the better of them and the man asked me what I’m writing. I paused, gave it some thought and answered truthfully, “I’m not sure. Either a romance or a fantasy.” Then he nodded and whispered conspiratorially, “Do romance. Better yet “Fifty Shades of Grey” the black version.”

I couldn’t believe he just said that. And I wasn’t offended at all. Because a response like that should go under #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter. I just found it hilarious and started laughing, and so did they. And I remembered thinking maybe I shouldn’t tell him that I’ve never read the book or wanted to. Thinking back on it now, it was just refreshing and it made my day (a three hour meeting? Really?).

Even with support from the IWSG community, my blog and social media followers, and a few family members, I still struggle with telling people (face to face) about my writing. Whenever someone asks what I do for a living, I tense up and answer my 9 to 5 job first. Or not mention writing at all. So I’ve come to a decision. From here on out and as part of my 2016 writing goals, to always answer “I’m a writer” first. And my 9 to 5 second. Although I do like what I’m doing, it’s purpose is really to help with expenses and the cost of living. But writing, despite the detours I’ve taken, has been my purpose. My calling, since elementary school age.

Made or have any writing/life decisions to make lately? Was it an easy or difficult decision to make? What are your goals/plans for 2016? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? If so, good luck!

PS By day 3 of NaNoWriMo my daily word count has been dropping by 100 words. I’ve been writing over ~2400 words since November 1 (hope this would not become a continued trend). Anyways, I wrote 2,443 words on day 3 which now puts me at 7,667 words!

i'm a writer. hear me roar!


42 thoughts on “Happy IWSG Day!-Decisions, Decisions

  1. I made a similar decision recently, but I still tell people the day job first. I don’t know why, because I have to go on and tell them what it means, as it’s one of those corporate jobs that no one understands. They’d understand right away if I told them I write romance novels.

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  2. Lidy, good luck with NaNo!!! I could never do it.

    Meetings are the pits!!

    It’s taken me years, but now I don’t mind saying “I’m a writer.” My friends know and offer encouragement but strangers just nod. Whether they believe me, or not, I don’t care anymore. Be proud of the label ~ Writer!

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    • Yes, let’s do it together. The more the merrier. And that Popeyes always brings a smile to my face. It’s amazing how sometimes you get just what you need, to turn a bad day around, from unlikely places.


  3. It is tough to say, “I’m a writer,” but it definitely leads to some fun and interesting conversations, and those that aren’t fun can be stored up for later laughs or at least the “I can’t believe!” type conversations.
    Happy Writing this month and next!

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    • Oh yeah, can’t say I’m looking forward to those. Just hope I don’t look like I’m crazy. But hey, like Edgar Allen Poe said, “I’m a writer. Therefore, I am not sane.” And I’m sure I’ll be tweeting some of those conversations with the hashtag #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter.


    • Thanks Karen 😀 True, in a way, NaNoWriMo is pressure. But with that pressure (50k words in 30 days) and time (persevering with edits, rewrites, etc), I may end up with a diamond.


  4. That situation in Popeyes is funny! I can’t believe someone told you to write another Fifty Shades! Crazy! Do people really want more of that?!? Anyway, best of luck in NaNoWriMo. It sounds like you are doing good so far. 🙂

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    • Thank you 😀 And yeah, apparently so. The public want more that’s why the author wrote another book from Grey’s perspective. Even my husband wants to watch the movie (mostly because he’s curious and knows the gist of what to expect). And if he watching (since it is a chick flick), then I’m watching. :-/


  5. Woo-hoo! Go, Lidy, go! I think you have the right attitude of just finishing your book without focusing too much on November. All these people writing novels and stressing November out. Poor November! And smh at that man’s comment. Some people view writers like we’re a purple unicorn. “You wrote a book? You? Really?” I’m sure that moment will somehow make its way into something you’re writing! The black version of 50 Shades? Um… Zane anybody??? LOL!

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    • Thanks Quanie. And lmao, a purple unicorn. We’re just that special and rare and quite a treat to meet. Better take a photo to prove to friends and family you’re not making it up that you actually met one. And I can’t believe I completely forgot about Zane. You’re so right. I think I remember reading 2 of Zane’s books a long time ago, but I don’t remember much about the character or story line of the books. Just a snippet of 1-2 scenes. And that’s bad (not knocking Zane). :-/ But you can say my special secret skill is that I can remember and mostly give a blow by blow summary of any story I’ve ever read. I’m a walking spoiler.


  6. Hi Lidy, I’m here from Alex’s blog. it’s tough juggling ft job and writing isn’t it? Kudos to you for doing it.

    I enrolled in Nano but haven’t begun writing. Unfortunately my outline is giving me a fit. I”m having a hard time tying things up. If nothing else, I’m going to endeavor to finish it before the end of the month. Best wishes with Nano. BTW, I like your blog and am now following.

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    • Oh it is, then add kids on top. I’d quit working to write full time but that’s won the lotto and or got a six figure-book deal talk. Anyways, I suggest to not let yourself be tied down by your outline. Use it as a guideline to keep your story on track and just let the story/characters write itself out. Use December and the following months after NaNo to tie things up and fix plot holes. Thanks for your well wishes and good luck with NaNoWrimo. And for following my blog! 😀


  7. I don’t think a black version of 50 Shades is a terrible idea…

    Also, someone whispering “She’s writing something” is the most hilariously ominous thing I’ve ever heard. I hear it in my head in the same voice people use when they say things like “I can’t believe she’s wearing that” or “I think he has a gun.”

    Congrats on the word count! Keep it up!

    IWSG November Post

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    • Thanks C.D. And yeah, that whole whispering thing usually gets me paranoid about what if they’re talking about me. Then to have proof of it…shudder. At least this time the whispering was based on simple curiosity.


    • Lol, oh I’m in the same club. Been hoping to finish my current WIP (in hiatus during NaNoWriMo). Said last year, that I’ll complete it by this December. Don’t have to tell you how that turned out. But on the upside, it’s considered as another year to polish it.


  8. You are doing so well on NaNo. I am rooting for you. I voted for “Dreaming of You” so I am so glad you decided to write it. Very ambitious of you to do two novels, but you can do it. I’m working on my 2nd draft this month, which I’m calling NaNo2ndDrafto.
    I only recently started to admit more publicly (beyond my family and close circle of friends) that I write, so I think I will join you in making that my goal for 2016 as well.

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  9. Wow.
    I think you’re coming into your own, and I say that in regards to answering that you’re a writer. It’s tough. So many internal debates come along with that statement: 1.) Does it count if I haven’t published any books? 2. )What if my books aren’t good? 3.)What if they’re self-published? Does that still count? I believe you’re a writer when you decide that you are. And you have. And that’s amazing.

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    • Don’t think of it as falling behind. Right now, you’re at the starting point. Try opening to a fresh page and just free write. Use an object/color/setting/character as a springboard. It doesn’t even have to be related to your novel either. Just free write whatever comes to your mind. Start with one word, and follow it with another and another.

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  10. I worked a day job for 20 years while writing on the side…it wasn’t easy. I still write fiction on the side–freelance articles pay the bills. But I can say those long days of dealing with an office were tough. I had to always keep the end goal in mind. Often I’d be thinking of great story ideas while in meetings. I even (shhh) snuck in some writing under the guise of “taking notes” in a few meetings where there were a lot of participants and nobody was paying attention to me!



    • Lol, oh yes. That was me two weeks ago. And all the time. I think my muse fears for the safety of my creative well and drops in full force to help me “take notes.”


    • Oh yes, then I dread and hope they don’t ask about how are my book sales. But like Harper Lee said, “I would advise anyone who aspires to a writing career that before developing his talent he would be wise to develop a thick hide.”


  11. I think a lot of people are worried about whether or not they are going to make it through Nano – whether it is to hit that 50k goal or to just succeed through a personal set one. I know I am feeling the same! At the beginning I wasn’t aiming for the big 50 but this time I am, once again.

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    • Me too. My goals is not to hit the 50k mark and win. My aim is to write and complete the rough draft. Build relatable and diverse characters, tension and a kick ass plot. But I find myself checking more on my word count, sigh. Happy writing to us both!

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