Happy Banned Books Week!- Part II


Well Banned Books Week ends today. And as you know, I’ve chosen to read The Hunger Games.

A co-worker had told me the other day that I’d love the book and how I’ll finish reading it one day. Boy, she wasn’t wrong, even as I feel as my lungs are being set on fire, every time I cough.

I spent the whole day yesterday, laying in bed. Most of the morning wasted in sleeping and waking, stuffed up more than a turkey on Thanksgiving. Yet still managed to read all book one of The Hunger Games trilogy.

I haven’t read and finished a book in just one day since college. When I read Harry Potter for the first time. Although, I read it out of order, starting with book five.

Hell, I haven’t read a whole book in a day since junior high. When I’d spend my recess heading to the library to 1) to return a book(s) and 2) to take out more book(s). Just to spend the rest of recess, as the wallflower I was (and still a bit am), with a book glued to my hand.

I don’t what took me so long to read the series.

Anyways, I plan to do a review of book one real soon. A why you should read The Hunger Games, rebuttal against the reasons it was banned. Until then, I’m going to try my best to get over this cough. And deal with this pounding headache.

Did you enjoy Banned Books Week? What did you do to celebrate?

Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association
Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association


  1. I haven’t read The Hunger Games, but I’d like to at some point. Not because I like Young Adult fiction (in fact, I rarely read it), but I’ve heard that for writers it’s a great book to read in terms of structure. Serves as an example of great writing structure. So I’ll probably read it for that reason at some point. And I’m sure I’ll enjoy it too. I’ve liked the movies so far.

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    • I try to not watch the movies before reading the book first. But recently succumbed to my curiosity and watched the movies. Which then made me curiouser to read the books. But now that you mentioned it, the books are structured as you’ve said. Suzanne Collins utilizes the rule of three in the books.

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  2. I tried to read the Hunger Games when I was involved in this book club, but just couldn’t get into it. And haha, wallflower. I used to be a moonlighting reader… curling up with books in the daylight hours and partying all night! So, I do know the feeling of curling up with a good book. Nothing beats it.

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    • Yeah, I know what you mean. Nothing beats squirreling away with a good book. And I understand how you feel about HG. Although, I liked the book, it still hasn’t knocked Harry Potter out my #1 spot for young adult fantasy.


    • Thanks Dino. I’m feeling a little better. But at least, being sick allowed me to read a book from start to finish, with no interruptions. Something I haven’t done in a long time.


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