My September Writing Resume

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If you looked in a dictionary, a resume is a sum up. A summary or account of an applicant’s qualifications and experiences. Well I decided to do just that, and list  what I’ve accomplished in September.

So far, I’ve submitted three poems each to Zymbol and Pembroke Magazine. Have two more days, to review and edit two out of the three poems to submit to All We Can Hold. I’ve also uploaded all five chapters of Nadia the Fire Witch on Wattpad. And part one of chapter six.

Unfortunately, that’s all I can sum up. I’ve been obsessed with reading Wattpad romance books. So yeah, I’ve been procrastinating, but have learned a great deal.

In two days, there’ll be just three months left of 2015. And I’ve been thinking of adding Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest on Wattpad to my 2016 writing plan. (Will talk more about this in October’s IWSG day on October 7)

I’d like to think all that reading will be helpful when I first try my hand in writing a romance. I filed the story idea, about a therapist and her patient, over a year ago. The tentative title is “Dreaming of You.” And I’m thinking of casting Shemar Moore as the patient and male love interest. Isn’t he F-I-N-E?

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Anyways, I haven’t written anything in two weeks, aside from blogging. But have two months to finish the rewriting of my work in progress. Find beta readers and get it critiqued/edited. So that it’s ready as it’ll ever be by December. When hopefully, I can take part in December’s #PitMad. And the Spencer Hill Press open submissions from December 1-10. Whew, I’m cutting it close, but they don’t call me the queen of last minute for nothing.

Was September great for you? What were your accomplishments? What are your goals for the following month(s)? For 2016?

PS I’ve made my decision. I’m going to read The Hunger Games in honor of Banned Books Week!

HG Trilogy1


    • Yeah, it’s the whole don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. But you know what they say about deadlines..“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”-Douglas Adams…But I’m going to try go at with baby steps. Think and work on what I have/want to do today, tomorrow, for the week. Steps that’ll build up to completing my writing plans/goals.

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