#Wattys2015 and Character Interview Part I

Bianca Lawson as Nadia Kemp Credit image: Wikipedia

Well it’s coming to the final week of #Wattys2015. And I like to give my thanks to those who’ve read, followed, voted, commented on my works on Wattpad. And retweeted about my work in progress novels on Twitter as well.

And here to express her thanks as well, is Nadia Kemp, the main character in Nadia, the Fire Witch, in her first ever interview:

I know, we’ve gone over this already, but what is your name? Hello, My name is Nadia, no middle name, Kemp.

Where and when you were born? Newark, NJ. On March 28, 1997. So yup, I’m an Aries.

What are your parents names? Felina and Forest Kemp. My mother is one predatory woman. Always alert for the kill. The only person in the world that can calm her down is my dad. I don’t know how he does it but I wish he’d tell me.

Where is your family from? My mother’s family is from the Caribbean. But she was born here, in the states. And my dad is African-American. So that makes me Caribbean-African-American.

Do you have any siblings? Nope, none at all…well I guess the little brat, my younger brother, Mercure Kemp, can be considered a sibling. Jury still out though.

Where did you live before moving to Lyndonburg, VA? We’ve moved around a lot so I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin and several towns in the Midwest.

How do you like Lyndonburg so far? Have you made any friends? I kind of like it. It’s a small town but it’s the most interesting one I’ve lived in yet. All the other places were pretty much boondies. There wasn’t anything there. Not even a Panera. Not like I had much chance to find out.

As for friends, I’ve only made one so far, Michael Chen. I like him a lot. He’s funny and seems to have an ‘in’ with almost everyone in town. Got a smart mouth though. I just want to slap it. It’s  just too bad that we won’t go to Lyndonburg High School together.

Do you have any enemies? Until this moment, no. But there is this girl who’s worked her way up to public enemy number one on my list. I don’t know her name, but she has red hair. And her voice is as high pitch as a banshee. If it’s the last thing I do, I’m gonna get her back for knocking me into the fountain.

Are you dating anyone? Is there anyone you ‘like’? Pfft, that’s a good one. If there’s someone like that, I’d like to meet him.

If you could do one thing and succeed at it, what would it be? Make lots of memories with lots of friends.

What is your dream? It’s nothing much but my dream, for now, is to graduate high school and go away to college. Maybe even study abroad.

Thanks for the interview Nadia. And if you’d like to get to know Ms. Kemp better, you can follow her through her story on Wattpad. Please feel free to comment, vote and share. And if you really like it, you can nominate it for the Wattys 2015 People’s Choice award by sharing it on Twitter as your #MyWattysChoice. You have from today, March 24th and until March 31st to vote (and don’t forget the hashtag).

You can also follow my Pinterest board, Behind the Book-Nadia Work in Progress. An inspiration board behind the characters, setting, place, theme, etc of Nadia the Fire Witch.

Do you have additional questions for Nadia? How do you feel about character interviews? Do you enjoy reading them? Writing them? Please share in the comments section below.


  1. No Panera? Well, hopefully there’s at least a Chipotle…

    Character interviews are fun. It’s a nice way for authors to let readers know the things about a character that didn’t make it into the book.


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