Taking A Break and Engaging on Wattpad Update

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Hi all!

I’m back, but ever so briefly to share what’s been going on since my last post.  Ever since then, not only have I gained a few followers but I’ve also discovered a few good reads on Wattpad.

Other than that, I’ve entered a blurb contest and entered my work in progress novels in the Wattys 2015! If you have time, please follow the links to read and give feedback to Nadia, the Fire Witch and Harbingers of El Tinor.

As for my writing, it’s going slow since I’m handwriting my edits first. But I’m in no rush and I will make it (have until December according to my editorial calendar) because ‘slow and steady wins the race.’

How are you summer holidays? What writing projects are you working on now?

PS I would love it if you can choose and vote for either Nadia or Harbingers. Just share or copy the link and use the hashtag #MyWattysChoice on Twitter. If you want to vote on the Wattpad site you’ll have to first create an account.

PSS The People’s Choice Award contest takes place between August 24th and 31st 2015. I’ll post the details about it at that time.


18 thoughts on “Taking A Break and Engaging on Wattpad Update

    • Thanks, Chrys. Win or lose, I’m looking forward to learning from the contests. And I can’t wait to hear from a reader’s perspective about the blurb. Am I hooking the reader to give my story a chance? How can I make it more interesting & without giving the entire story away? It’s really different when you’re on the side.


    • Thank you :-D. I too wish I can think up half the stories like other authors. But then, I try to remember that only I can write the stories I write. Thanks again.


    • Thanks Agatha. I only heard of the contest because I stumbled onto a post about it on WordPress. So win/lose I’m looking forward to most is feedback from a reader’s perspective.


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