Hip Hop, a poem

hip hp RIP

I received some wonderful news yesterday. Well, in actuality an email alert came on Saturday. But I hadn’t checked my email all weekend.  Which then led me to check my other email where I found the publication notice. Stating that another of my poems was set for publication.

Anyways, moving on. My poem, Hip Hop, published yesterday on the main page of VerseWrights.com. Where it’ll also remain for eight days. I first wrote it as part of the poem-a-day challenge. For the Writer’s Digest Poetic Aside PAD challenge in 2014. And in response to day 16’s writing prompt of ‘elegy.’ So I chose to write an elegy to Hip Hop.

I guess you can say I’m an old woman already. I’m only in my early 30’s. Yet already I’m spouting things like “they don’t make it like they use to.” But can you blame me? When most of what I hear on the radio, makes me think “what the hell am I listening to?” And makes me wonder if Nas was right?

Hip Hop

I hunt through the beats
for any remnants of your legacy
and still I can’t find you.
My heart thumps in tune
to the heavy bass, dredging up
the past: me scoffing at your tales
of ‘he’s just my baby daddy,’
he’s just a friend,’ your crazy Uncle Ricky’s
children’s story and your 99 problems,
Only to miss your teachings to walk this way

UPdate-You can now read the rest of the poem here, at my poet profile.

PS Can you guess the name of the song from some of the lines in the poems? Do you remember when you first heard that song? Or have any shared memories tied to it?


12 thoughts on “Hip Hop, a poem

  1. Congratulations!!! That’s a fun poem. I like the beat of it. 🙂 I do know the song but I can’t remember when I first heard it.

    Oh, and your blog looks great!


    • Thanks Chrys. Glad you enjoyed the poem. And thank you for my blog. I’m still working out the kinks so to speak. For ex. I’m having trouble adding the Goodreads widget, and the SheWrites badge among a few. Going to need to find some tips and tricks.


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