Chrys Fey Blog Tour of Witch of Death and Ghost of Death

Hi, today’s post is a blog tour of Witch of Death and Ghost of Death by Chrys Fey! If you remember, Chrys participated in my 30 Days of Poetry Love poet interview project. You can read it again here. Chrys is also a fellow SheWrites and Insecure Writer’s Support Group member. And now she’s back again, celebrating the release of her books Witch of Death. And Ghost of Death:

The Evolution of a Story


Chrys Fey

I got the idea for Ghost of Death when I was seventeen. I originally wanted to create a story in the story of a diary about a sixteen-year-old ghost. And I wanted to call it Diary of a Dead Girl. I didn’t get far with that idea before writer’s block struck, but many years later, after I decided to publish Witch of Deathwith The Wild Rose Press, I picked up this idea again.

I wrote a story about a teenage ghost in first-person past-tense. After my awesome beta readers helped me to perfect it, I sent it to my editor. That wasn’t the end of this stories road, though.

My editor asked me to change Ghost of Death from first person to third person. Of course, I did. When an editor tells you to do something, you do it! After I made the changes, I sent it back to her. When I heard back from my editor again, she said my story so good that she hadn’t realized the main character (the ghost) was sixteen, and that she couldn’t accept it unless I aged her. Okay, I thought, I can do that. So I went back and made my ghost a twenty-one-year-old college student. I had to change certain things about the story to make it fit her new age, but I liked it and sent it off again knowing if I got a “no” it would be a “no” forever.

I spent weeks nervously checking my email, biting my nails, and telling myself that this story was going to be rejected. Well, it wasn’t. I got the contract January 30th and today I am celebrating its release.

Title: Ghost of Death

Author: Chrys Fey

Genre: Supernatural/Suspense

Format: eBook Only
Page Count: 41 (short story)

Release Date: April 22nd, 2015

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Jolie Montgomery, a twenty-one-year-old woman, wakes up in an alley next to her corpse. She has no memories of her murder or the night she died. She didn’t even see the killer’s face before he or she took her life. Wanting justice, Jolie seeks answers in the only way a ghost can…by stalking the lead detective on the case.

Avrianna Heavenborn is determined to find the person responsible for a young woman’s death. She gets closer to the killer’s identity with every clue she uncovers, and Jolie is with her every step of the way.

But if they don’t solve her murder soon, Jolie will be an earth-bound spirit forever.

Book Links:

Amazon US / Amazon UK / The Wild Rose Press / NOOK / KOBO


With the sound of her mom’s grief wafting up to her, Jolie came to terms with her present state.I’m dead and now my mom knows it. She eyed the door in front of her. She hadn’t yet walked through a door, but if her hand could pass through metal then she knew she could move

through wood.

If I have to be a ghost then I’ll be a damn good one. All across the afterlife I’ll be known as the Ghost of Death! And I’m going to start by walking through this damn door!

            She would’ve taken a deep breath to brace herself if she could have, so she mentally pumped herself up instead. You can do it! Easy-peasy. Nothing to it. And she took a step forward. Solid matter slipped around and through her form. On the other side, a familiar site confronted her: a black and white bed, the bright green shag carpet in the middle of the room, and a white desk.

Stepping up to her desk, Jolie eyed her ancient desktop computer, the one she used before her dad gifted her with a laptop when she announced she was accepted to the local university. Wanting to send out the first ever tweet from the afterlife, she pushed the button to bring the device to life, but her finger poker straight through it. Resigning to her Twitter-less fate, she moved toward the full-length mirror hanging on the wall. She saw nothing. Not even a shimmer in the air hinted at her presence.

Being a ghost sucks!

Available for PRE-ORDER:


Detective Reid Sanders doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but when he’s faced with a crime scene that defies the laws of nature, he has no other choice but to start believing. And solving a magical murder involves working with a witch.

Liberty Sawyer embodies the look of your classic evil witch, so, it’s no surprise when she uncovers the murderer is a witch that she becomes Reid’s number one suspect. If she can’t convince him otherwise, more people could lose their lives to dark magic, including her.

Book Links:

Amazon US / Amazon UK


Chrys Fey is the author of Hurricane Crimes and 30 Seconds. She is currently working on the sequel to Hurricane Crimes that’ll serve as book two in the Disaster Crimes series.

When Fey was six years old, she realized her dream of being a writer by watching her mother pursue publication. At the age of twelve, she started writing her first novel, which flourished into a series she later rewrote at seventeen. Fey lives in Florida where she is waiting for the next hurricane to come her way.

You can connect with her on Facebook and her blog, Write with Fey. She loves to get to know her readers!

Author Links: 

Facebook / Blog / Website / Goodreads

Thank you for having me on your blog, Lidy. You rock!


2 thoughts on “Chrys Fey Blog Tour of Witch of Death and Ghost of Death

  1. I like the idea of her picking up the idea again after a while and not giving up on it completely. It shows that even after all those years, there were still elements of them that had some potential!


    • Me too. Sometimes it’s hard to let a story go. Especially when you it has to be told. I’m glad Chrys picked it up again. And had it published.


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