1 Major Blog Change To Look Out For (An IHeartAllStories Update) Part II

So I’ve officially moved all my posts from the last two years over to the WordPress site. And believe you it wasn’t easy. All that’s left is to move over May’s posts in 2 ½ weeks.

My only current source of trouble is figuring out which theme I’d like to use. Which theme is functional and easy to use for readers. And most important of all, which theme I like is closest to what I’m looking for.

At first, I was leaning towards the Sketch theme but then chose the Twenty Ten theme. I did quite like the Twenty theme and even created my own header on Canva.com (see above). But I still felt something was missing and spent most of yesterday previewing what the site would like with other themes. Until I decided to try the Nucleare theme.

I’m 50-50 about the new look of site under this theme that I’m leaning back towards the Twenty Ten. So I plan to keep it for a couple of days to get a better feel of it. And if I still don’t like it (or grow to dislike it even more), then it’s back to drawing board.

Sigh, the hardest thing about blogging is definitely the look and feel of the website. What pains did you go through deciding on the design of your website?


6 thoughts on “1 Major Blog Change To Look Out For (An IHeartAllStories Update) Part II

  1. Hi Lidy,

    It’s hard to make a decision isn’t it? I went with the Twenty Ten theme for my first blog, Honest Speaks and use different themes for my parenting blog and main website. I often think about changing them all though! So far I’ve tried a few but ended up back with what I chose to begin with! That might change, though… I like the theme you’ve chosen.


  2. Hi – I really like the theme on my site, but it wasn’t easy getting it there. I think there was a glitch on WordPress because when I first tried to add my own header, it was showing under the default bouquet theme or not showing at all. I changed the color to blue, then for some reason my own header worked. Whatever! I’m just not ‘techie’ at all. 🙂 I like the theme you have at the top of this page.
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal – Impartial, Straighforward Fiction Book Reviews


    • Thanks Dino. Like you, I’m not techie at all. Actually, my nickname amongst family and friends is “destructor.” Mainly because I break everything and I go through smart phones like candy. In less than a year they break or don’t work properly and would have to get a new one. I’m glad the header ordeal worked out for you. My header was thanks to GraphicStock’s free download promotion. I knew I’d use it in a blog post one day. Who knew it’ll become a header one day too.


  3. I can understand that this must be very difficult! I started out with a simple template that was my favourite colour – orange. But I found it to be too bright and painful even if it was my favourite colour. So I brought a designer in and found someone who was willing to do it for free. I now have a nice banner and a cool background in my second favourite colour – green. From my survey I might need to alter it a little though.


    • Wow, that is great that you found a designer to do it for free. I’m lucky that I had the notebook image from GraphicStock to use as the header.


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