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Happy National Poetry Month. It’s day 27 and today’s interview is from guest blogger Justin Bienvenue:

What was the first poem you’ve ever read?
I honestly don’t know that first poem I ever read however I would say one of the first poems to which really spoke to me was “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. I just remember it being so beautifully written and it’s metaphorical tendencies and symbolism still stick with me today. I incorporate that poem as a way to look at which choices one wants to make with life and I sometimes think on that poem as which road I wish to take at times.

How has poetry influenced you as a person? Or as a writer?
I take what I see and hear around me or what I see on tv or read and turn it into a poem. As for the poetry itself inspiring me I say it gives me a way to express myself, it inspires me by letting me be myself, letting me be creative and quirky or serious or however I wish to be at the time. Poetry gives me a way to not only express myself but a way to go outside the box and create something that normally wouldn’t be thought of.

In your opinion, what makes a poorly written poem?
Little or no structure, no style and there’s no emphasis on a reason or point of being written. If it’s not rhyme thats fine but it still needs to speak to the reader, it needs to have strong words and needs some kind of poetic tool. Also rhyming words for the sake of rhyming them or throwing a powerful word with no concept of why it’s there. Basically your poem needs to speak volumes in some way or form, without those things it just falls flat to me and would be considered poorly written.

How would you persuade a non reader to read poetry?
I would say don’t be afraid to take a chance on it. It’s quick, unique and sometimes it can really speak to you. All poems and poets are different and perhaps there is a poem that can change your life or really make you interested in it if you just give it a chance.

Is poetry useful?
I’m a poet so of course I’m going to say yes. Poetry is a language for writers. It’s not just a tool or way of expression but a unique genre and way of writing to which can greatly impact and improve a writer’s skills. It helps make things beautiful, it can be a way to express oneself through feeling or can be used to congratulate someone or cheer them up or inspire and give someone enjoyment in reading. So yes. I believe poetry to be quite useful.

I am from Massachusetts. I am an writer, author and poet. I enjoy writing poems and writing stories within genres such as horror and science fiction. When I’m not writing I enjoy playing games and watching sports. I am interested in ufology, Egyptology and History, also a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe.  You can follow Justin on social media:
Twitter- @JustinBienvenue or


30 Days of Poetry Love with Justin Bienvenue

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