Dearest Bard of Avon

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Now I’m not as good with the sonnet form. But I wrote this one in last year’s Writer’s Digest Poetic Aside Poem-A-Day challenge. And rewrote it again. And again. It’s not close in comparison to the craft I’ve read so far over at Scribophile. Nor hold a candle, hell it can’t even be lit, to the person whom I wrote it for. But still the night cannot end without a poetic dedication. So Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare, my dearest Bard of Avon.

Dearest Bard of Avon

Four and a half centuries spent apart,
across time I’m bounded to your pages
that paints the very essence of your heart,
my love for you shall never be assuaged.
You may think I’m mad but I don’t care.
No matter what, I’ll find my way to you
and toil beside you in that Stratford air,
as you pen plays and sonnets unsubdued.
In time you’ll teach me how to plant my words
and to landscape classics to call my own.
Your craft, I hope to have at least two-thirds
or are my fantasies long been foregone.
If so, I’ll be the fly on your mind’s wall
or would you think I have too much gall?


6 thoughts on “Dearest Bard of Avon

    • Hey Quanie. Yup, I’ve changed my blog, well to put it correctly, I’m moving over. I’ve gotten use to a bit to how WordPress works and just have to move my posts over from Weebly. All that’s left really is to customize/personalize the site and add plugins. You know, put in some final touches. But I’m glad you enjoyed the poem and really do hope Shakespeare would’ve liked it as well. Thanks for stopping by.


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