Name That Poet! Quiz

Happy National Poetry Month! If you’re participating in NaPoWriMo this month then some of you might be feeling the crunch. If yes or no, a little break, to ease all the poeming frenzy might be just what you need. And regardless, if you’re writing a poem a day or stopping by my other blog IHeartAllStories everyday to read poetry interviews, taking part in a poetry quiz to test your knowledge can be fun. Or am I the only one who shares this opinion?


7 thoughts on “Name That Poet! Quiz

    • That’s fine if the cure is to read more poetry. But to let you in on a secret, I only knew half the questions to the quiz. I scoured the internet for information to make up the other half 😉

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      • Me too. I’m a W.B. Yeats, Thomas Hardy, Elizabeth Barrett Browning girl. With a little Plath and Poe, Angelou and Langston Hughes (that’s as modern as I’d get). But after signing up to receive poems every day I’ve found new poets that I like, like Claude Mckay, and want to read more of.

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    • Wow 50% right with just guessing? Congrats! This is why I like multiple choice. With some good guesses you can sometimes get it right half the time. Thanks for taking time to take my quiz.


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