What is Poetry? by Guest Blogger Justin Bienvenue

Credit image: Poets.org

Today I have guest blog post (and future interviewee) by Justin Bienvenue. Where he discusses his own views of poetry, its meaning and poetry today.:

A way of writing. A way of expression. A style in which words come about on a paper in such a way that they create a visual image or flow of feelings. Poetry is rhythm without a beat. Music without a note. Emotion in every sense shape and form. For some it is either a way of expressing one’s feelings. Or to tell a story. But no matter how it’s written or what is said, it is what it is because the writer makes it so. Poetry is like art. Some see beyond what’s shown, what’s beneath the surface of what’s told. They see the inner meaning. And sometimes take the outer meaning as a silhouette. Or the shell of its intention.

One also does not need to be creative or imaginative to write poetry. But there needs to be a sense of emotion and sense of drive to write a poem. Because of all these things that truly make poetry a whole. Our own feelings and experiences make up for more than half of all poems. That’s an estimate but needs no proof. Because of the simple fact that it is irrelevant whether or not the writer truly put him or herself into the piece. Not if the words speak to the reader. Then it matters not if the poet lived it or not.

Poetry is inspiration, interpretation and representation. One can feel inspired and write about what they see. Yet like I mentioned before, what the poet writes about and what the reader takes can be two completely different ideas. And neither are wrong because the poem in itself is being represented. Poetry has stood the test of time because there will always be people who have something to say. And there will always be people who are willing to read and listen. Whether it’s a seven syllable poem in a three sentence structure. A fourteen line sonnet. Or a non rhyme free verse. There are so many different ways in which poetry is written.

Poetry doesn’t seem as popular as it once was in the sense as it’s not out there in your face. Back in the days of Shakespeare; poets were well known and loved by many. And poetry was almost a way of life, a culture if you will. It was an era in which people relied and yearned for it. It wasn’t just about expression but something to look forward to. And appreciated in every way. It was a movement and generated many followers. It inspired many poets alike to come together and just express themselves. Those were the days when the minute the ink feathered pens hit the paper something truly remarkable were written for the enjoyment of many people. Long after Shakespeare, there were more famous poets, Keats, Longfellow, Frost, Lord Byron, Emily Dickinson just to name a few. These poets all stood the test of time. Because of what they felt and what they wrote. But now it seems as though we have lost touch with that.

Today, poetry has become an underground society. Or if it is there it’s shy and not as popular and renowned as it once was. It’s not that poetry isn’t written anymore. It just seems like there aren’t anymore famous or popular poets. Not like back in the day which helped to make poetry so well respected. It’s as if there’s only a small group of people who know its there and appreciate it.

I once said ‘If poetry is dead then I wish to bring it back.’ I said this because I felt as though a part of poetry has died. And that it needed someone to come and make it alive again. Poetry like many things has always been here but just doesn’t have the drive that it once did. Yet, I don’t believe it will become extinct, not by any means. I just think it needs a little push, a spark to ignite it and get it going again. Although if one thing can be taken from my statement, it’s that poetry will never die. Not as long as there are writers who pour their hearts out to write poetry. And as long as there is an audience to read it.

I am from Massachusetts. I am an writer, author and poet. I enjoy writing poems and writing stories within genres such as horror and science fiction. When I’m not writing I enjoy playing games and watching sports. I am interested in ufology, Egyptology and History, also a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe.  You can follow Justin on social media:
Twitter- @JustinBienvenue or http://www.twitter.com/JustinBienvenue

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