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I hope everyone is having a fun and stimulating Poetry Month. Usually, and that’s if you’re doing the poem-a-day challenge, you’d feel the burn mid-month. I definitely did so last year for Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides P-A-D challenge. I started falling behind during the midway point. This year is a different story. It’s only a week in to National Poetry Month 2015 and I’m already falling behind.

Granted, I’m doing much more this year than I did last year. I’m hosting poet interviews to help spread poetry love. Raise the profile of poetry, its influence and importance. And introduce other poets to the blogosphere. I’ve also decided last minute to take part in  the poem-a-day challenge again. But this time on My Warfare and Weapons of Ancient class started two days ago. And now the postponed How Writers Write Poetry online class is starting next week Monday. Can you say full plate?

Nonetheless, I will go on. Stumbling and crawling most of the way until I reach the finish line. But why would I suggest myself to do all this for just a month? Well, it’s a bit hard to explain and I’m not sure I can explain it satisfactorily anyways. Yet in thinking of the why I am doing this, I found the answer to why I should. And I wouldn’t have if I’d never looked at the history of National Poetry Month.

National Poetry Month first began in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. Their aim was to acknowledge poetry’s place in culture. As well as encourage support for poets and poetry, the reading of poetry, etc. April was chosen as the best time of the year to help promote that purpose. But National Poetry Month’s goal is to not only promote poetry for just one month. It is to encourage year-long and life-long readership and appreciation of poetry.

Frankly, I think April, more so than any month, is perfect as poetry month. It is during this time where nature itself is coming out of winter and beginning anew. It’s as if the world is opening to new beginnings like poetry. Poetry is a form of literature that reveals the nature of ourselves, others and our surroundings. It helps us to open up our innermost feelings and thoughts through reflection. So that we share the truth we find, its beauty and tragedy.  And so that we see things anew. Poetry, like spring and flowers, is the soul in bloom.

So as a writer of poetry I owe it to myself to celebrate National Poetry Month. Come hell or high-water. I’ve spent too many years knowing its existence. And yet not participated or supported as I should have. And although I can not catch up with the 17 years I’ve missed. I can give my all for the 30 days of April to do my part for National Poetry Month.

What are you doing for National Poetry Month?


Why National Poetry Month is Important

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