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Happy National Poetry Month! And hello day six. Today’s interview is from none other than my former English professor and college adviser, Dr. Sarah Dangelantonio. Also known as Dr. D. for short:

How old were you when you read your first poem? What was the name of the poem and poet?

I remember reading in A Child’s Garden of Verses when I was maybe 4 years old; it’s a collection by Robert Louis Stevenson and one of my favorites in the collection was called “The Swing.”

If you had to interview a poet from a specific poetry movement, what would you ask them? (Name the poet and the movement)
Tough one, but maybe the Romantics and I’d love to chat with William Wordsworth – probably ask him about his relationships with other Romantic poets and who he thought was the “real deal.”

Which poetry school, community and or movement you wished to read more of? (Romantic, Beat, Confessional, etc.)
I’m just starting to dig into some of today’s contemporary poets – I’m pretty familiar with those from 20th century and earlier –  liking Kay Ryan, Li Young Lee, Ted Kooser in particular.

What do you love most about poetry?
The condensed language and the craft of the writer.

What advice would you give to others so that they’d read and or write more poetry?
Subscribe to the Writer’s Almanac and have a poem a day delivered to your email – great selections, very accessible – and if you find a poem/poet you like through this means, then go to the Poetry Foundationwebsite and read more by that poet!


30 Days of Poetry Love with Dr. Sarah Dangelantonio

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