30 Days of Poetry Love with Kayla Tucker

Credit image: Poets.org

I hope everyone is having a great National Poetry Month! It’s day five and here to share her views about poetry is Kayla Tucker:

What is your current poetry diet?
I’ve been on a Beat kick lately. I’ve been reading a lot Ginsberg and Kerouac. Also Whitman. I love trying to decipher Whitman.

Who is your favorite dead poet? Why?
Edgar Allan Poe
. He will always be my favorite because of his amazing knack for outlandish metaphors and his sheer passion.
Who is your favorite living poet? Why?
Jesse Graves. He’s an Appalachian poet and former professor from when I was an English major. His poems feature a lot of nature themes and he often relates nature to struggles he and his family have faced. He is phenomenal, and I highly recommend you look him up.

Should a reader have to work hard to understand the meaning of a poem?
I don’t think so. I’m with those who say that a poem can mean 100 different things depending on who is reading it. Whatever the reader interprets, is what the poem means. My meaning and your meaning can be vastly different and that is perfectly okay.

What does poetry mean to you?
Poetry is pure expression, to me.

Kayla is a cat lover, book worm and writer. She also offer a wide range of services including but not limited to digital marketing, content management, public and media relations, event planning, and volunteer coordination. You can follow Kayla at her site: http://www.kaylamtucker.com/.

Credit image: Poets.org

Do you like the above Mark Strand inspired poster for National Poetry Month 2015? Then fill out the request form at Poets.org.


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