Today’s post is by guest blogger and children’s author, Chavonne Stewart. And she’s sharing with us today her life story with writing. Enjoy!

Writing for me began in elementary school.  English teachers would make us write short stories all the time.  We were encouraged by our teachers to be creative in writing and drawing pictures.  Fortunately for me,  I have always had a vivid imagination.  Which made writing stories easy for me to do.

Life caused me to drift away from writing.  Most of my writing, was a result of school requirements instead of for my enjoyment.  I have always thought about telling my story.  The opportunity came over 3 years ago during my period of unemployment.  I had time to sit down and focus on the goals I set for myself years ago.

I decided that  that I will base my books on my life experiences whether I am writing for children, teens or adults. The Adventures of Amilya Rose “The Lie” is based on my first memory as a kid in school.   At the time I was in the first grade,  when I chose to walk from school to the daycare.  The  Amilya Rose character is slightly older in age.  I have always considered myself amazing for having such a great sense of direction and memory as a child.

Overtime, I determined the direction of the book.   I wanted the book to be more than just a story about what I did.  I decided that I needed to build up the main character so that I could create a series. Kids enjoy adventures and having the main character go on one in each book would keep my readers intrigued.  Also,  I wanted the books  to teach the young reader a lesson and promote Christian values.

Author Chavonne D. Stewart is an evangelist, missionary, life coach, and blogger living in Atlanta, Georgia. Her blog, “Real Conversation 4 Real People,”(  is an exploration of culture through conversation, without the restraints of political correctness. Chavonne holds an MS in Management from Troy University and a BA in History from Kennesaw State University. She enjoys history, DIY shows, traveling, reading, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.”    You can follow Chavonne on her website And on social media at:
Twitter: @ChavonneStewart

PS. National Poetry Month is just 8 days away and I’m still looking for more participants to complete “30 Days of Poetry Love.” Only ⅔ of April have been reserved but I’m in need of more. For those who hasn’t returned their questionnaire, I’ve sent reminders (and will again). If you haven’t received them, I urge you to check your spam/junk folders just in case. Or contact me.  If I’m unable to gather 30 poetry interviews, I will be mixing things up. 

Also, this will be my last week of regular blog posts. I’ve registered to attend an international and free online class, How Writers Write Poetry. It’ll take most of my focus, along with this poetry project, so I’ll only best posting content once a week. And every Wednesday until further notice. As in the past, the first Wednesday of every month is Insecure Writers Support Group day. 


A Dream Come True by Guest Blogger Chavonne Stewart

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