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Hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day.  And now after heels of the day for love is President’s Day. It’s a day to honor and remember our first president, George Washington, birthday. And or Abraham Lincoln whose birthday is also in February as well as the other presidents after them.

These two holidays are definitely different in how we celebrate both. But they do share a similar core of remembrance. For Valentine’s we remember the ones we love (lovers, friends, family, etc). And shower them with flowers, chocolates and Valentine cards. On President’s day we honor and remember the accomplishments of our past presidents. Even our country’s veterans.

Yet, we shouldn’t have to wait for the special holidays to do any of that. Sure we can go all out on such days. But first we should strive to do so every day. And not just recognizing and paying respect to others but to ourselves as well. Let’s always praise our successes, not get too hung up on our failures and heed their lessons. Let’s always praise our talents and follow our dreams. And always never to allow our everyday hectic lives steer us off course. Or if it does, that we manage to find our way back through the belief of ourselves, of others have for us and us for them.

PS. My blog anniversary is three months away. And I’m looking to spruce up IHeartAllStories a bit and or maybe give it a whole new look. To help give me some ideas I’ve created two polls to start things off. You can also give your feedback or suggestions in the comments section below.


PSS. I’m still looking for poets/authors to do a poet interview as part of my National Poetry Month (#npm15) project. If you’re interested or know of anyone who would be, please sign up and share the post link. Can’t wait to hear from you!


Remembering What’s Important

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