Why Writers Write

Credit image: Fineartamerica.com/Source: Gladiola Sotomayor, “Writing My Heart Out.”

Writers write to either express themselves or because they have to. It is their passion or they were influenced by other writers or books they’ve read. Writing is therapeutic. We also write to entertain or to one day sell books worldwide by the millions. And have it turned into a Hollywood production. As you can see there are many necessary reasons about why writers write.

But there’s another important reason why writers write. Something that is more necessary for the reader than the writer. And that is the help it brings. You can argue that in regards to fiction, it does no such thing, when compared to nonfiction books. Nonfiction books approaches varying subjects in memoir like fashion. As well as how-to, guides and historical facts. 

Facts where in the reader can learn how to improve themselves, recover from illnesses pr past traumatic events. Learn from history to not repeat it, etc. But what does fiction do? It’s only for entertainment. But what does poetry do? It’s for the love of language.

Yet all writing, nonfiction or fiction or poetry, has a purpose. A purpose the reader is willing to discover themselves once they’ve turned the page. And because of that, no matter the genre or type of writer you are, you are also helping others. Your readers can learn from you the true meaning of life, love, family and friendship. Even if your story is set in a world  where zombies ruled the earth or a love triangle trope. Because even within such imagined worlds, a reader can draw strength from and become enlightened by the nature of man. They can find meaning.

So as you’re writing your next piece. Or before you begin to write, ask yourself who you are writing for. What are you writing for? And write as honestly as you can and according to your answer. Then you’ll be able to create worlds just as alive, meaningful and enriching as real as reality itself.

Food for thought: What are you doing for others with your writing? Please share in the comments section below. 

PS. My author/book interview was posted on The IndieView yesterday. You can read the article here.

Credit image: Quoteswave.com


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